⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Things I Overshared by Kelsey Humphreys

I love it when a great book takes me by surprise, and I unexpectedly find myself immersed in a love story that has my FULL attention. With a new-to-me author and a nearly 400-page book, I went in with low expectations – and this wasted no time in exceeding them. It’s such an engaging, smile-inducing read, with a fabulous grumpy/sunshine dynamic (think Legally Blonde’s Elle meets a broody boss with a frosty exterior). It’s also got forced proximity, TONS of banter and chemistry, and a vibe that is equal parts playful and tender. Our hero is the kind you’ll probably want to smack one minute and swoon over the next, while our heroine is a bold, bubbly ray of sunshine who is strong enough to take him on. Together, they were magic – and I was wholeheartedly, enthusiastically hooked the entire way through.

The story follows Samantha, a woman who is frequently told that she’s too much. She’s extremely extroverted, a saleswoman who sparkles and shines. After planning her boss’s month-long business trip to Europe, Samantha is told that she’ll unexpectedly have to go in his place. It’s the trip of a lifetime, and Sam is so excited to go… except for one thing. Her travel companion is none other than Mr. Freeze himself, the cold and aloof CFO of the company. While Sam and Emerson haven’t interacted all that much at work, she knows that no one seems to have cracked his stony exterior. Hoping that the trip will change that, Sam does her best to win Emerson over. Unfortunately, Sam’s charms don’t seem to work on Emerson, and she soon finds herself stuck with the one man she can’t wait to get away from. But as the two spend more time together, Sam slowly pieces together Emerson’s personality, and she realizes that she likes what she sees.

Told (almost) exclusively from Samantha’s POV, the reader is left to puzzle out Emerson’s thoughts and motivations. Think The Spanish Love Deception, The Love Hypothesis, The Hating Game – this was very reminiscent of those vibes. And that’s a compliment. The storyline felt fresh and different though, while still wholeheartedly embracing the tropes. If anything, there were probably a few too many tropes, as a few threads were left underdeveloped. I didn’t let that bug me though, because I was absolutely GREEDY for every minute spent with this couple. I loved Sam’s sunshiney personality paired with Emerson’s stoic nature, and their banter and playful chemistry was everything. The quieter moments made me swoon, and I loved how there was such a slow build to their relationship. We truly do get a little of everything from these two, and I was so, so smitten by the end. I’m going to have to go back and read the first book in the series (following Sam’s sister) now, because this was just a totally immersive, memorable read.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kWzISD


If you’ve ever been told you’re too much…

Samantha Canton feels your pain. She knows she is, well, a lot. It’s been a rough year, to put it mildly, so she is overjoyed to find out she gets to go on her dream work trip to Europe. But she’s not going alone. She’ll be crossing the pond with the company’s CFO, Emerson Clark.

Icy Emerson, as the industry calls him, is logical, serious and quiet. He likes solitude, the color gray, rain and hot tea – he is British, after all.

And he cannot stand Samantha in all her extra, southern, chatty, upbeat, neon-dress-wearing glory.

No problem, she’s never met someone she couldn’t befriend.

Until Now.

Commence nervous verbal diarrhea.

And commence the ultimate Grumpy/Sunshine, Billionaire, Enemies to Lovers, Slow Burn Boss Romance with rich characters and a payoff that will leave you absolutely giddy.

**This is a steamy, full-length standalone adult contemporary romance. Prepare for Manhattan, London, Paris, surprise twists, laugh-out-loud banter, a happily ever after, and a sisters group text thread you’ll wish you could join. This is the second Heartlanders book but can be read on its own.**

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kWzISD

About the Author:

“If you don’t laugh out loud or get choked up, I’ve failed.” After tens of millions of video views, comedian Kelsey Humphreys has captured her hilarious, heart-warming characters in book form. Her steamy stories dig into deep truths about love, identity, purpose and family. When she’s not writing romance or creating comedy videos, she is reading, running, momming and wifeing in Oklahoma. 

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