Teaser Thursday

My TBR is going to be out of control next week – there are so many interesting books on the way! With a great mix of indie and traditional releases, there’s a little something for everyone, and so many different vibes to choose from. I’m really not sure where to start first, so it should be a fun week! Take a peek at some of the books releasing in the next week below.

March 3: Never Saw You Coming by S.L. Scott

New York Times bestselling author, S.L. Scott, follows her recent bestseller, Swear on My Life, with an emotional and angsty, slow burn, contemporary romance. Rediscovering a life the heroine can’t remember while living the life she’s been given, her amnesia journey will keep you riveted to the pages.


I wish I could say it was love at first sight. But I can’t.


Everything about the woman standing next to me was complicated, from her designer clothes to her coffee order. I don’t do complicated unless it comes with a good time. And then it’s only for a night or two, max. 

I was more than happy to leave the coffee shop, and her, behind, but neither of us saw what was coming . . . 


I wish I could say I remember him. But I can’t.


The same stranger who saved me steps in again when I have nowhere to go and no memory of who I am. He’s broody and rigid, but I see a different side of this gorgeous man and start to realize I’m not the only one who needs saving. 

Falling for him wasn’t in my plans, but as I search for answers to my past, I realize that I don’t worry about getting my memory back. My fear is losing my life twice. 

This book is a complete standalone with no cheating and guaranteed happily-ever-after. If you’d like to spend more time with the hero, you can meet him in his brother’s book, Swear on My Life (now available). You are going to fall head over heels for the Westcott Siblings.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kzS7Vz

March 3: Defeat by Evelyn Sola

A self-proclaimed bachelor, content on his own. A runaway bride, searching for her freedom. 

They may seem like they’ve got nothing in common, but the tiniest sparks make the biggest flames. 

Delaney Lewis is desperate for her freedom. From her controlling mother and the man she left standing at the altar.

Her best friend is more than happy to help her escape and sets Delaney up at her soon to be brother-in-law’s house while he’s out of town, confident that when David comes home—he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Delaney safe from her crazy family.

David Sutton finds the surprise of a lifetime when he discovers a woman sleeping soundly in his bed. When she explains how she ended up there, David’s heart and mind slowly open, leading to a permanent place to stay, a job, and best of all, a new outlook.

The woman who was much like a stranger before, slowly becomes his friend…with a few intimate perks and before they know it, real sparks start to fly.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3SblyJy

March 7: Right Man, Right Time by Meghan Quinn

From USA Today and Amazon Charts bestselling author Meghan Quinn, comes a new fake dating, standalone sports romance featuring the hockey men you can’t get enough of. This steamy, age-gap romantic comedy will bring all the laughs while making your cheeks blush at the same time.

Running into your ex is never ideal.
Running into your ex who is now dating your nemesis is a literal nightmare.

That’s how I found myself in a sheer panic, reaching for the closest guy at the bar and kissing him. And to my delight he was easily the most attractive man I’ve ever seen.

The only problem is, when I tried to walk away after thanking him for his help, he stopped me with three life-changing words . . .“You owe me.”

That’s how I found myself, a college girl, in a fake relationship with a professional hockey player ten years older than me.

At first it was easy.
He helped me with my internship.
I helped keep his ex away from him.
We were becoming fast friends.

It wasn’t until he started staying the night at my dorm did the rules of our arrangement become complicated.

Now my feelings are involved and even though I kissed the right man at the right time, I’m worried he’s just waiting for the clock to run out.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3YEF7N6

March 7: Whiskers & Sunshine by Sarah Skye

Harmony Daniels always dreamed of getting married, having babies, and living the “big house with a white picket fence” fantasy. But after a broken engagement and a pregnancy scare, she has to admit that she has no idea what she truly wants. When her great aunt dies and leaves her dog rescue to Harmony’s family, Harmony jumps at the chance to take it over. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to find out who she really is.

Lucas Mallender isn’t happy when he finds out that glam girl Harmony is his new boss. As the gruff and no-nonsense head trainer at Fido’s Farm dog rescue, he’s certain this high-maintenance city girl is going to drive the place into the ground with her lack of experience–and he’s not afraid to let her know what exactly he thinks of her.

Lucas and Harmony clash as they struggle to keep the rescue afloat, but there’s an undeniable attraction between these two polar opposites. The more time they spend together–both in and out of bed–the deeper their feelings grow. But Lucas wants to be a dad someday, and Harmony has discovered that dog mom is her true calling. Can they find a way to compromise? Or will they have to call it quits?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3KhuH1B

March 7: Off the Map by Trish Doller

Trish Doller’s idyllic romance Off the Map proves sometimes a wrong turn can lead to the exact right destination.

On the road to love, you don’t need a GPS…

Carla Black’s life motto is “here for a good time, not for a long time.” She’s been traveling the world on her own in her vintage Jeep Wrangler for nearly a decade, stopping only long enough to replenish her adventure fund. She doesn’t do love and she doesn’t ever go home.

Eamon Sullivan is a modern-day cartographer who creates digital maps. His work helps people find their way, but he’s the one who’s lost his sense of direction. He’s unhappy at work, recently dumped, and his one big dream is stalled out—literally.

Fate throws them together when Carla arrives in Dublin for her best friend’s wedding and Eamon is tasked with picking her up from the airport. But what should be a simple drive across Ireland quickly becomes complicated with chemistry-filled detours, unexpected feelings, and a chance at love – if only they choose it.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3YMRNSc

March 6: The Prodigal by Kristy Marie 

The Prodigal is a steamy, frenemies to lovers, forbidden romance full of delicious angst and heart-wrenching revelations.

Remington Potter was a sarcastic jerk with a body of an avenging angel. He screamed good times and bad decisions.
But that’s not what made us friends.
His saving me that one night did—even if he denied it.
Remington Potter was my antihero.
I owed him at least a friendship and a plastic chair.
But I made one mistake.
I didn’t knock.
I didn’t look away.
All I saw was him on the floor.  
And broken.
But that wasn’t the worst part.
I discovered Remington Potter wasn’t the mysterious savior I thought he was.
He was vengeful.  
And I was the final piece in his game.

March 7: Betting on the Boy Next Door by Melanie Jacobson

When four Austin roommates find themselves with no plans on New Year’s Eve, a bet unfolds: Ruby the librarian and her matchmaking super power will find each of them their perfect man within the year. First victim: Sami. 

Sami Webster takes the best because it will cost her nothing; she’s done with love and she has no time to date anyway. But when Ruby informs her that their new neighbor is perfect for her, Sami is curious in spite of herself. One disastrous date proves that Josh Brower is the last thing she wants: the privielged scion of an old Austin family whose money is so old, it’s dusty. Been there, done that, and she’s not going back. 

But Josh isn’t that easy to shake, especially not when he and Sami fall into a habit of insomnia talks as they each sit out on their balconies, watching for owls, and becoming friends anyway. And when he accidentally discovers the secret that Sami keeps even from her best friends and roommates–her rock star ambitions that’s won her a growing following in the Austin clubs–he’s sunk. She’s provoking, fierce, and utterly irresistible. 

Unfortunately, he has a lot to prove to his family, like that he isn’t the screwup he’s been for years. And bringing home a rock star girlfriend won’t make his case. 

But Josh is the only person Sami allows to see all of her, and it’s not so easy to walk away. Can he buck the pressure of their expectations for a woman who tells him at every turn that she doesn’t want him? Can Sami let down her guard to tell Josh how she really feels before she convinces Josh she means it?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3YEsD7T

March 9: Dear Grumpy Boss by Julia Wolf

I’ve spent the better part of the last few years successfully avoiding my brother’s best friend, Weston Aldrich.

As CEO of Andes Inc, the infuriatingly handsome and incessantly grumpy Weston also happens to be my new boss.

It shouldn’t have been hard to continue avoiding him. After all, he’s on the executive floor and I’m one of many copywriters.

Weston has his own ideas about how things should go between us. He’s in my emails, leaving notes on my desk, and as if that’s not enough, he arranges for me to accompany him on a business trip.

That leads to stolen touches, frenzied kisses, and the undeniable need to work each other out of our systems. That always works, right?

Except now that I know what it feels like to have Weston Aldrich appreciate every inch of my abundant curves, avoiding him is impossible.

But he’s my brother’s best friend.
And a workaholic.
We have to stop.
And we will.
Just…not yet.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Scr3Ik

March 9: The No-Judgment Zone by Ellie K. Wilde

Two players. One apartment. A whole new game.

Serial dater Finn Palmer has it down to a science: dinner, drinks, the this-is-just-sex conversation, and he’s back in his own bed by midnight. With his infectious smile and preference for one-night flings, he’s exactly the distraction Jenna Carling needs when she returns home for her sister’s dreaded wedding.

So when Jenna shows up on his doorstep looking for a hot do-over of their failed one-night stand from a year ago, she’s shocked that Finn offers her something entirely different: his spare bedroom for the summer.

Finn’s self-prescribed singledom means two things: he is woefully cuddle-starved, and he will never, ever sleep with a woman he’s interested in. He knows there’s something different about Jenna. She’s charming, warm, lets him wax poetic about his favorite documentaries… And there’s no way he can sleep with her without catching serious feelings. But he can definitely keep her around as a platonic roommate. And he can definitely get this pesky crush under control.

Problem is, Jenna’s now convinced she’s lost her mojo. And the harder she tries to tempt Finn into more—more sex, more midnight bakery rendezvous, more… cuddling?!—the harder it is not to fantasize about a future with her. Too bad he’s witnessed the destructive effects of love. And Finn would never put himself through that.

He only needs to survive the summer. Soon, her evil sister’s wedding will be over. Jenna will be gone. And Finn can get back to… What, exactly?

The No-Judgment Zone is a steamy romantic comedy with the roommates-to-lovers, reformed player, forced proximity, sunshine/golden retriever, and wedding date tropes. This romance has a happily ever after.

It’s the second book in the Sunset Landing series but can be read as a standalone.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3IvwZYv

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