MINI AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Fake Crowne by CD Reiss 🎧

It’s a mini review! I’m clearing out my review queue of all the books I can’t seem to convince myself to finish, for one reason or another. That doesn’t mean these are negative reviews, it simply means that something isn’t compelling me to keep reading at the moment. Maybe I’ll go back to them another day, maybe I won’t!

DNF Details:

How far did I get? About 140 pages in, which is around 40%.

Why did I stop? It was feeling very instalovey. These two go from strangers to fake relationship to “it’s not fake anymore” pretty darn quick, and that’s what had me losing interest. It’s just not how I pictured this going when the book began, and it’s not really what I wanted.

Was I enjoying it initially? Yeah, I was. I read one or two other books in this series back when it started (like three years ago!), so I grabbed the audiobook when it released early. The narrators are phenomenal and the tropes are right up my alley, so it was easy to get drawn in. I binged the first 30% or so in one sitting, but when I picked the book back up and the instalove and/or lust kicked in, I just wasn’t interested in the same way I was before. There’s a lot of potential in the “black sheep of the family” storyline and it’s not a premise that feels played out, so this certainly has its good parts. For the first 100 pages or so, I was completely engaged in the story.

Would I finish this? I never really intended to DNF it, I just can’t seem to convince myself to pick it back up – and it’s been sitting unfinished on my kindle AND in my audio library for weeks, so that says something. I am sad to call this a DNF, yet equally uninterested in diving back in, you know? I also kinda hate the cover, and it puts me off every time I see it. Obviously, I was able to overlook that initially (and would if the story was strong enough), but it does factor into why I haven’t felt the need to finish.

Who would I recommend this to? Fake relationship fans who don’t mind if things heat up quicker than anticipated. Music lovers – that’s a fun part of the story. Readers who enjoy a hero who knows he needs to get his act together. Anyone who started the series back in the day and wants to revisit this family.


Audio Note:

The audio is fantastic! Joe Arden and Andi Arndt are both great at what they do, so I was very much enjoying the audio experience. There’s even some singing, which was cool. The book works well in the format, and it was super easy to binge because of that. At least, for awhile, lol. The runtime is right in the sweet spot. I can’t really speak to the heat level, but my experience with Reiss’ work tells me that it probably gets pretty spicy at times. So if you choose to dive in, it’s likely not a great workday listen, but I do highly recommend the format.



Colton Crowne is famous for two things: being one of the music industry’s most talented producers and partying away his massive inheritance.

I’m a singer with stage fright who’s famous for…well…nothing yet. And I promised my family if I didn’t make it big by the end of this year, I’d go back to med school.
My agent thinks Colton and I would be a great team both in the studio, and outside of it—especially if label executives think we’re dating.
The rules? We can kiss in public, but not in private.
We can act like we’re doing the deed, as long as we’re not.
And as far as having actual feelings for each other goes…that’s obviously out of the question.
But after so many late nights in the studio and a bunch of stolen kisses, I start to see beyond his party boy facade to something real underneath. And he believes in me–with his coaching and encouragement, I’m finally overcoming my anxiety and giving the best performances of my life.
If only time wasn’t running out so fast.
Then Colton has an idea to keep us together. It’s terrible, but it’s the only way.
How can I let him destroy everything he’s worked for just to make me happy?

INCLUDES: Hero with a heart of gold, stolen kisses, surprising chivalry, private stuff in a public bathroom, swank parties, grinding it out, stolen glances, and Momma Crowne setting her boy straight.


About the Author:

CD Reiss is a Brooklyn native and has the accent to prove it. She earned a master’s degree in cinematic writing from USC, and though she ultimately failed to have one line of dialog put on film, she stayed in Los Angeles out of spite.

Since screenwriting was going nowhere, she switched to novels and has released over two dozen titles since, including two New York Times Bestsellers and a handful of USA Today bestsellers. Her audiobooks have won APA Audie Awards and Earphones Awards.

She resides in Hollywood in a house that’s just big enough for her two children, two cats, her long-suffering husband and her massive ego.

To find out when her next book is coming out, or get updates about her cats, sign up for her newsletter at

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