WEEKLY WRAP-UP: March 17th

It was quality over quantity for me this week, and I am completely okay with that! After going a full month without a 5-star read, I finally had one last week – and then another two this week! So happy. Yeah, I set aside several other books that weren’t working as well for me, but I also had a couple of great reads, so I’m calling that a win. I started reading my ARC of Planes, Trains, and All the Feels as soon as it hit my kindle, and it EASILY lived up to my very high expectations – I loved it! After loving Talk Flirty to Me last year, I was so excited to read Hart’s sophomore effort, and All the Feels ended up being exactly what I wanted. Sorry, it doesn’t release until May, but my sneak peek review is up now!

I also loved the sweet and spicy The Playing Game, which was low angst and high heat in the best of ways. It’s my first experience with Ainsley Booth’s work, and I really enjoyed it. The hero is the kind I adore, and that made it a quick and easygoing read.

I had less success with my other reading this week, but I was quick to set aside anything that wasn’t working for me – one way that I prevent myself from going into a full reading slump when I’m on the edge. As a mood reader, sometimes it’s just not the right day for that specific book, and I’ve learned to be okay with that. Fake Crowne is one of those books that I picked up one day and enjoyed for awhile, but haven’t been able to convince myself to finish in the weeks since. This week, I officially called it a DNF and shared my mini review.

Finally, I re-shared my review of (Not) the One, which was one of my Top 19 of 2019 selections. The audio version of it finally released this month, and that had me remembering just how much I enjoyed the book.

We’ll see how next week goes! I’m currently reading another book that I’m loving, so fingers crossed.

If you read my Teaser Thursday post (found here), you know that there are some exciting books on the way soon! I’ll have reviews going up throughout the week.

If you missed any of this week’s reviews, I’ve got the blurb and rating for each below. There’s also a link to my new release list.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sneak Peek Review

Fans of Christina Lauren and Tessa Bailey will adore this witty and unforgettable rom-com about skyways, highways, and all the perfectly wrong ways to fall in love.

As the black sheep of the family, choreographer Cassidy Bliss vowed she’d do anything to get home in time to help with her sister’s wedding and avoid family disappointment…again. She just never expected “anything” would involve sharing the last rental car with the jerk who cut her off in line at the airport this morning. But horrible times apparently call for here-goes-nothing measures.

Driving across the country with Luke “life can be solved with a spreadsheet” Carlisle must be a penance for some crime she committed. Because the second he opens his mouth, it’s all she can do to not maim him with her carry-on. But somewhere between his surprisingly thoughtful snack sharing and his uncanny ability to see straight to the core of her, her feelings go unchecked.

Suddenly, their crackling chemistry is just one more thing they have to navigate—and it couldn’t come at a worse time. But after a lifetime of letting the expectations and needs of others drive her life, Cassidy must decide if she’s ready to take the wheel once and for all.

Preorder today – releases on May 23rd!

Read the sneak peek review here

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3JdH4cV

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sugar and spice

Two years ago, I spent the hottest night of my life with a woman who never told me her name. In the morning, she was gone.

I’ve searched for her—relentlessly. I’ve scanned the stands and the cheering crowds in every city I’ve played in, but “Jersey Girl” never showed up again.

That night ruined me for anyone else. She was funny, sexy, and—after I got past her brittle shell—secretly very sweet.

Then one night, I skate onto brand new ice as part of the NHL’s latest team. And she’s in the stands at our first game of the season, very carefully not looking at me.

She disappears after the first period, and the chase is on again. This time, I have more clues, and I stop at nothing in my need to find her.

Turns out, she has good reasons why she can’t date a pro hockey player. But I have even better reasons why she can—like, we’re meant for each other, and I’ll do whatever it takes to be the man she needs.

Read the review here

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3ZJtV29

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Retro review

Three reasons why rebound s-e-x with my hot neighbor is a very bad idea.

1. My life is already complicated enough
2. He knows I wear Batman underwear (please don’t ask)
3. He’s older, sophisticated, and so hot he makes me weak at the knees.

I know that’s more than three but it still didn’t stop me.

On paper, we’re the worst kind of match. 
He’s rich and my second job is pet sitting.
He says we’re friends. I say barely, but I do love those benefits…
The man rocks my world but he’s not the one.
Which is unfortunate because he is the one who got me pregnant.

Disclaimer: This is not (just) a story about accidental pregnancy. It’s a story about accidental love.

Read the retro review here

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Fw1WuL

Mini Audiobook Review

Colton Crowne is famous for two things: being one of the music industry’s most talented producers and partying away his massive inheritance.

I’m a singer with stage fright who’s famous for…well…nothing yet. And I promised my family if I didn’t make it big by the end of this year, I’d go back to med school.
My agent thinks Colton and I would be a great team both in the studio, and outside of it—especially if label executives think we’re dating.
The rules? We can kiss in public, but not in private.
We can act like we’re doing the deed, as long as we’re not.
And as far as having actual feelings for each other goes…that’s obviously out of the question.
But after so many late nights in the studio and a bunch of stolen kisses, I start to see beyond his party boy facade to something real underneath. And he believes in me–with his coaching and encouragement, I’m finally overcoming my anxiety and giving the best performances of my life.
If only time wasn’t running out so fast.
Then Colton has an idea to keep us together. It’s terrible, but it’s the only way.
How can I let him destroy everything he’s worked for just to make me happy?

INCLUDES: Hero with a heart of gold, stolen kisses, surprising chivalry, private stuff in a public bathroom, swank parties, grinding it out, stolen glances, and Momma Crowne setting her boy straight.

Read the mini audiobook review here

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3ZjMcm0

Check out this week’s new releases here.

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