I was knocked out with a bad cold for most of the week, but one of the unexpected positives was that I watched an excellent new rom com movie on Hulu! There’s been a resurgence in rom com movies recently, but they’ve all seemed to have a twist. Maybe it’s mostly an action movie (I’m looking at you, Jennifer Lopez), maybe they don’t actually end up together in the end (or not actually a romance, as I’ve explained to my husband several times, lol). It’s rare to find a true non-Hallmark-style romance movie that focuses on the couple the whole time and delivers what I want… and is actually good! So I was delighted to stumble upon Rye Lane on Hulu, and it did nothing but entertain me the whole way through.

The story follows two (British) strangers who meet each other by chance. Dom may or may not be crying on a toilet in a public restroom, and Yas may or may not take pity on the poor guy. He’s still reeling from a bad breakup, and Yas can empathize. What starts as a simple conversation turns into a day spent together, and neither one could’ve anticipated the things they would do.

I’m a sucker for a good strangers to lovers romance novel, so it makes sense that this kind of meet cute would hook me in. And it only took a few minutes before the story grabbed me, and it never let go after that. I loved the fun, fresh, and modern vibes of the story, with a vibrant color palette and compelling, complex characters. I loved that it embraced familiar tropes while still feeling like something new, and I loved the role reversal of the characters. It’s Yas who gets Dom out of his comfort zone and livens him up, and getting to know both of them was so much fun. The majority of the movie takes place over the course of a single day, so I felt like I was falling right along with them. It’s definitely a rom com, even in the moments that feel a little melancholy, and the unpredictability just made it that much more engaging. Aspects of it felt very British, but the love story is universal, and it was easily one of the best romances I’ve seen on film in a long time. Better than the blockbusters that have released recently, that’s for sure, and an all-around feel good experience. Perfect for livening up my sick day, and a movie that I’ll remember for quite awhile.

Want another rom com movie rec? Check out my review of The Hating Game here.


Two youngsters reeling from bad breakups who connect over an eventful day in South-London.

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