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I don’t know about you, but I need these April releases to slow down a bit! We got an embarrassment of reading riches this week, and there’s a whole bunch more on the way soon. I’m looking forward to checking out several of these upcoming releases, in addition to the ones I’ve still got on my TBR from this week. Take a peek at some of the books releasing in the next week below!

April 18: The Matchmaker by Catherine Walsh

Katie Collins has barely ever left her tiny Irish village of Ennisbawn. Why would she? With its tightknit community, friendly local pub, surrounded by glistening lakes and perfectly mysterious forests, it’s a place of peaceful beauty.

Or it was peaceful. Until Callum Dempsey turned up. Part of a hot-shot (and, Katie has to admit, hot is annoyingly apt for him…) development team with zero eye for beauty or charm, he’s not only building a hideous hotel just outside the village, he’s also just announced a plan to knock down Ennisbawn’s only remaining pub. To make way for a view from the golf course.

It’s the final blow to the village and the last straw for Katie, who refuses to let her home-from-home disappear. The pub is her life – her job, but also her last connection to her parents, who had met at Ennisbawn’s once-famous matchmaking festival that was held in the grounds.

But, after being laughed off the building site in her best flannel pyjamas for demanding the builders leave, Katie decides enough is enough and hatches a plan. She’s going to revive the matchmaking festival, save the pub, and single-handedly bring the town back to life again.

She might even help her two best friends find love as well. Since, heck, what’s another project when you’re taking on the world’s hottest, evilest man?

But what Ireland’s newest matchmaker doesn’t know is that even when someone’s really not your type on paper, love might be a little bit more than just a formula…

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3mWsMWp

April 18: The Ones We Fight For by Katie Golightly

Walker Hartrick was the epitome of a free bird with a devil-may-care attitude until tragedy struck his family and he was thrown into guardianship over his nieces and nephews. To make matters worse, the daughter of the man who destroyed everything he ever cared about moved back to Archwood, Oregon. She’s a reminder of what he lost and the ever-growing list of his failures.

The one person he should never pursue.

Talia Cohen, one half of a failed engagement and new grocery store owner, upended her entire life to move back to her childhood town with its fair share of dark memories. A change of pace was what she wanted—a new life away from the one she’d built in New York City that had come crumbling to the ground. Answering for the sins of her father and continually running into the one person who was adamant about wanting nothing to do with her wasn’t high on her list.

Falling for him was never the plan.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3FxrfN1

April 18: Vacation Wars by Meghan Quinn

From USA Today and Amazon Charts bestselling author Meghan Quinn comes a fun, sexy story about the family dynamics that can stand in the way of rekindling a romance.

Prepared for a good time, Tessa is thrilled to spend the weeks before her sister’s wedding at their family’s favorite vacation spot: Santorini. Sandy beaches, stonewashed houses, attractive men—it’s heaven.

But Tessa’s idea of a girls’ trip comes to a screaming halt when her sister thinks it’s high time Tessa finds some love herself. Unfortunately, Tessa forgot about the deal she made back in high school: she has to find her soulmate before her sister’s wedding. Or else.

As she dodges suitors and her sister’s pranks, Tessa finds an ally in the oh-so-dreamy Myles, her childhood crush who just so happens to work at the resort. But Myles is dealing with some family conflict of his own. He’s elated at being reunited with Tessa, but his father’s refusal to acknowledge his interest in the family business and relegating him to only grunt work casts a dark cloud.

As Tessa and Myles help navigate their way through their families’ antics, they begin to realize that their past feelings may have a future—if only they can turn their island fantasies into something real.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3n5xwcA

April 20: Dr. Perfect by Louise Bay

According to 99.99% of the world’s population, Dr. Zach Cove is perfect.

To me, he’s the most irritating man on earth. And he’s my boss.

Yes, he’s gorgeous, brilliant and the best doctor of his generation. But he’s also rude, dismissive and the most arrogant man I’ve ever met.

I’ve worked for him, typing his letters and organising his diary for three years yet the odds of him knowing my name are slim to none. The likelihood of him acknowledging me when I see him are officially zero percent.

Well, I’ve had enough. The tables are about to turn.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3JymQe6

April 20: Irresistibly Perfect by J. Saman

From USA Today bestselling author J. Saman comes a steamy brother’s best friend, friends-to-lovers, forced proximity romance about a hot rock star and the irresistible woman he’s always wanted but could never have.

When I was fourteen, I fell in love with the girl next door.

My best friend’s sister was off-limits to me in every way.

I was the bad boy, and she was the good girl. I was the kid with big rock star dreams, and she was the princess with her entire life planned out for her.

We were impossible from the start. Even when she’d randomly show up at my concerts and we’d spend a night or two lost in each other it would always end in goodbye.

Years later she’s back in our city.

Only now, she’s engaged to the last guy I’d ever want to see her with. So I do something crazy. I never expect to hear from her again until one night she takes me by surprise.

A drunken phone call and suddenly I’m racing through the airport to catch her plane before she takes off for Europe.

Now I’ve got one week to change both our lives.

My plan? Make her fall in love with me as we get lost in Italy and France. Her plan? Discover the woman she wants to be instead of the perfect one she’s always had to be.

I’d love to tell you that from here on out it’s all love and sex, but nothing has ever been easy for us, and this is no exception.

Fallon Lark has always been mine. Now I just have to prove it to her…

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3n3z6vu

April 20: Time with Mr. Silver by Elle Nicoll

“Whoever said time heals… lied.

And the man I’m stuck working for might be the biggest liar of them all.”

After my actions wreck my family they send me to England, hoping the space will enable me to forgive myself and embrace life again.

But the man I start working for is far from a savior.

Dax Silver, head of the UK’s largest gin distillery, is as captivating as he is intense, his skin covered in ink, his eyes stained with secrets.

I can tell by the condescending way he calls me ‘Sunbeam’ that he wants me to keep my distance.

A warning.

Because I’m not the only one who’s become accustomed to living in the shadows.

And as much as he tries to hide it, I see him.

His tattoos may cover his external scars.

But it’s his internal ones I recognize—ugly and poisonous, like mine.

It’s like looking at a reflection—and neither side can exist without the other.

Maybe this is where I’m destined to be—a salvation.

Or maybe it’s all an illusion, a trick of the light.

Only time with Mr. Silver will reveal the truth.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3FxVy62

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