It’s Independent Bookstore Day!

Today is the day we celebrate and uplift indie bookstores, and it’s simple to do – even if there isn’t one in your area! There are a variety of ways you can participate and support this special day, whether it’s in person or online. You can even support local bookstores with audiobook purchases through, and there’s a great $5 sale going on! Details below.


To find out if a store near you is participating in the event today (Saturday, April 29, 2023), check out the searchable map here.


Visit to buy your paperback copies online and support indie bookstores that way – they’ve got free shipping all weekend! I even have a homepage there with a variety of recommendation lists to find books even easier. Check it out here.

Jump directly to some of my most recent lists!

2023 Romance Releases here

Jeeves’ 2023 Favorites here

Jeeves’ 2022 Favorites here

$5 AUDIOBOOK SALE is a great site that supports indie bookstores via audiobook purchases. I’m a member of their ALC program, and I love listening to audiobooks through their app. If you’re an influencer who enjoys audiobooks, be sure to check out their ALC program – that’s where I got my audiobook of Emily Henry’s Happy Place almost a month early, and I’m currently listening to Chloe Liese’s newest via the program. Details here. If you’re a reader who is interested in supporting small businesses with your audiobook purchases, then be sure to check out the $5 sale they’re running through the weekend!

$5 & under audiobook sale thru 4/30!

Check out the complete list of 400+ romance books on sale here, or browse some of the books that caught my eye below.

Throttled – $4.99 here

The Cheat Sheet – $4.99 here

Boyfriend Material – $4.99 here

Until You – $4.99 here

Twisted Love – $4.99 here

Only One Mistake – $3.99 here

The Off-Limits Rule – $4.99 here

Focused – $4.99 here

Thank You for Listening – one of my Top 20 of 2022 selections, and fantastic on audio! Find it for $4.99 here.

The Kiss Quotient – $4.99 here

Book Boyfriend – $3.99 here

Southern Chance – $4.99 here

Neon Gods – $4.99 here

Electric Idol – $3.99 here

Yes & I Love You – $4.99 here

Southern Storms – $4.99 here

Never Been Kissed – $4.99 here

The Billionaire – $3.99 here

Sweethand – $4.99 here

Only One Kiss – $4.99 here

Kiss Now, Lie Later – $4.99 here

Let Me Love You – $4.99 here

Friendshipped – $4.99 here

Otherwise Engaged – $3.99 here

What’s Left of Me – $4.99 here

The Lawyer – $4.99 here

Don’t forget to shop local when you can!

As someone who primarily reads ebooks, I can’t always shop local for the books I want. But it’s easy enough to grab an audiobook from or order a paperback through Bookshop, especially when either site is running a sale. Every purchase adds up for these smaller sellers, so keep them in mind!

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