⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: One and Only by Karla Sorensen

Marriage of convenience with a slow, delicious burn? Yes, please! I always look forward to Sorensen’s new releases, but the tropes in this one felt like they were made for me. Patient, steady hero – who is also a single dad – paired with a firecracker of a heroine who will surely liven up his life. I loved the focus on the emotional connection before adding the physical into the mix, and the chemistry shone through it all. I also loved how perfectly these two complemented each other; they definitely aren’t each other’s usual types, but their contrasts are what make them so great. There are some tender family moments and plenty of sexual tension, which made this easygoing romance so immensely compelling. I eagerly anticipated the moment when they would finally (truly) make their way together, and it was an all-around solid read.

The story follows Greer, a woman who is willing to do something a little insane. Her stepfather is dying, and having him pass before he gets the chance to walk one of his daughters down the aisle is simply not an option. Unfortunately, no one else in the family is at that point in their lives, so Greer is willing to make it happen – one way or another. When her brother’s teammate catches wind of Greer’s plans, he unexpectedly offers to fill the role of fake husband. It’s not like they’ll really file the paperwork, and Beckett could use a woman in his life to ensure that he keeps custody of his daughter. It should be a simple, no frills arrangement between near-strangers who are DEFINITELY not each other’s usual types, but these two total opposites soon discover that they might’ve been seeking out the wrong type all these years. But a relationship built on a foundation this rocky is sure to crumble at some point, and neither one is prepared for the fallout.

While this is part of a series, it easily stands on its own. I always love the family moments that tie the series together, but Greer and Beckett are the stars here. Marriage of convenience is one of my favorite tropes for a reason, and I loved how unique the execution of this one felt. They’re essentially strangers, though they have a lot of connections, and they also did not anticipate being truly attracted to each other. It’s a complication that isn’t necessarily welcome, and watching them navigate that was a lot of fun. I particularly loved how solid and steady Beckett is; he’s such a great guy, and only wants to do the best he can for his young daughter. Greer brings out a side of him that was intense and electric as well, with some seriously smokin’ scenes towards the end – made even more intimate because of the wait. This is a slow, slow burn, and that component was a definite win for me. The whole thing was great, and I happily binged it.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3GRnqTu


You are cordially invited to my fake wedding.

Marrying Beckett Coleman is the best idea I’ve had in years. I can grant my sick dad’s wish to walk one of his daughters down the aisle, and Beckett has my help solving a custody situation with his daughter. Our plan is to spend a year together, then part ways. Easy, especially since I’m not his type, and he’s not mine either.

He’s too quiet and too serious. And while he’s distractingly gorgeous, he’s also my brother’s teammate. Beckett is fake husband material, not the real deal. I just have to remember that.

Until I move in with him. Get to know him. Share a bed with him. Turns out, the line between fake and real isn’t just blurry, it’s almost impossible to uphold when he looks at me the way he does.

This marriage is a whole lot more complicated than we bargained for. We’re threatening to destroy everything we’ve built, something neither of us can risk.

Marrying Beckett might’ve been the best idea in years. But falling in love with him would be the worst.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3GRnqTu

Another single dad romance from Sorensen!

If you want more single dad romance with a delicious slow burn, then I highly recommend Forbidden, which can easily be read as a standalone. It’s my favorite from Sorensen, and it also features a great hero. The sexual tension is 🔥.

It takes a lot to rattle me, but nothing could’ve prepared me for the day that Aiden Hennessy walked through my beloved gym doors, ownership papers in his big hands. 

I know a lot about my gorgeous new boss, a former fighter whose posters used to decorate my bedroom walls. I know he retired at the height of his fame to take care of his sick wife. I know he’s now a single dad raising an adorable little girl. And I know that no matter how broody and quiet he is, my innocent teenage crush has turned into a highly inappropriate adult fantasy.

I would’ve gotten over it, until one night sparring with him at the gym, it’s clear my feelings aren’t so one-sided.

It’s impossible to pretend I don’t want him. Especially when I have to see him every single day, and watch him take care of his daughter.

Aiden thinks I’m too young for him. He says he shouldn’t want me.

But all it takes is one step over the line to prove what they say is true- forbidden fruit really does taste the sweetest.

My Review
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3dpZSpo

About the Author:

Well, let’s see … I’m a wife and a mother. If the things that I write bring a smile to someone’s face, then I’ve done my job.  I am obsessed with Outlander (both the books and the show). I’m almost exclusively a romance reader, which means some people will never consider me a literary snob. If I could meet one historical figure, it would be Jane Austen. I received my Bachelors in Public Relations and worked in health care marketing before I had my babies. I hate Twitter. I do it, but I hate it. Also, if you want to get on my good side, bring me wine and I’ll love you forever. 

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