Teaser Thursday

It’s looking like a quieter release week, but one of my favorite books of the month is coming out – as well as one of my most anticipated! I already read and loved Livy Hart’s newest, which was such a fun road trip romance. And J.T. Geissinger kicks off a brand new series next week, so I am definitely excited to see what the vibe is like. You never know with her, lol! Take a peek at some of the books releasing in the next week below.

May 19: Exposing the Groom by Rachel Van Dyken

Killian swept in like a knight in shining leather pants to save Scarlett once she exposed the groom. The next time they saw each other, they ended up fake-engaged. Can they find a way to make it down the aisle together and live happily ever after? Find out in #1 New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken’s EXposing the Groom, a romantic comedy with a side of rockstar. 

How it started:

An accidental phone grab during my rehearsal dinner while my fiancé went to use the restroom.

How it ended: 
Reading all the dirty texts between him and my maid of honor, aka little sister, during our vows in front of the world in what would later be considered one of the most viral wedding videos on TikTok.
Of. All. Time.
Did I mention his vows were before mine, and he compared me to my adopted dog because… and I quote, “I’m so loyal.”
It’s not my fault that my first instinct, after exposing his dirty lies, was to run up to the clueless rockstar that was supposed to headline my reception and ask him to sing my tears away. I never expected him to help me escape certain disaster, kiss me senseless, and then buy me ice cream.
But that was all in the past—until I’m staring down at a wedding invitation from the crappy little crap pants ex. You see, he swapped sisters, and now a year later, they’re getting married at a gorgeous winery while I’m still staring down at a plus one, wondering if I can bring my pet turtle.

How it happened: 
In desperation, I sent a drunken text to the hot rockstar with a picture of my turtle, Chuck Norris… in a bowtie. Who knew he would show up at the wedding—but get this, it wasn’t to save me, nope, it was to… yup, SING!
But now that he’s there and I’m there, and the history is there, I beg him one more time to save me, this time as my date.
But lie after lie just kept pouring out of my mouth until we were somehow fake-engaged.
I would laugh if crying didn’t feel so good.
Should have brought the freaking turtle…

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3UZt8Zp

May 23: Planes, Traine, and All the Feels by Livy Hart

Fans of Christina Lauren and Tessa Bailey will adore this witty and unforgettable rom-com about skyways, highways, and all the perfectly wrong ways to fall in love.

As the black sheep of the family, choreographer Cassidy Bliss vowed she’d do anything to get home in time to help with her sister’s wedding and avoid family disappointment…again. She just never expected “anything” would involve sharing the last rental car with the jerk who cut her off in line at the airport this morning. But horrible times apparently call for here-goes-nothing measures.

Driving across the country with Luke “life can be solved with a spreadsheet” Carlisle must be a penance for some crime she committed. Because the second he opens his mouth, it’s all she can do to not maim him with her carry-on. But somewhere between his surprisingly thoughtful snack sharing and his uncanny ability to see straight to the core of her, her feelings go unchecked.

Suddenly, their crackling chemistry is just one more thing they have to navigate—and it couldn’t come at a worse time. But after a lifetime of letting the expectations and needs of others drive her life, Cassidy must decide if she’s ready to take the wheel once and for all.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3oDHN03

May 25: Liars Like Us by J.T. Geissinger

The devil’s in the details when a struggling book store owner agrees to marry an enigmatic stranger in exchange for his help.

I’d barely been keeping my indie book store going even before the big national chain opened right next door, but I couldn’t deny the truth any longer: the end was here.

Devastated, I took my staff to dinner at a fancy restaurant to break the news. I didn’t realize anyone else overheard, but the devil has sharp ears.

Callum McCord walked into my store the next day and offered me an enormous sum of money to save my business. But his help comes with a price: Marriage.

He said he needs a wife in name only to fulfill a condition of his father’s will.
He said I can have anything I want, including separate bedrooms.
He said it’s the perfect arrangement for us both.

What he didn’t say is that though he acts like a gentleman, he’s anything but.

Or that having separate bedrooms isn’t the only thing he’s lying about.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3AlgHxn

May 25: Bourbon & the Best Man by Jessica Costello

Never fall for the best man–especially when he’s your brother’s best friend.

Hannah Hawkins is feeling uninspired. She thought turning her passion for photography into a full-time business was everything she ever wanted. But she never realized how hard photographing happy couples for a living would be with her own love life in shambles.

Inspiration strikes when her brother announces his engagement. As maid of honor, she’s excited for quality time with her family, but finds herself constantly paired with the best man, Miles–her brother’s best friend, and the guy she’s harbored a crush on for years.

Miles O’Harrow always dreamed of buying his grandpa’s old bar from his uncle, but an in-depth look at the financials proves the purchase to be more of a nightmare than he realized. After a much-needed remodel puts his business even further into the red, he’s desperate to get new customers through the door. 

While carrying the burden of his new business endeavor alone, Miles agrees to help plan his best friend’s wedding. He finds himself looking forward to the extra responsibility when it involves extra time spent with Hannah, who has been avoiding him for the better part of a year.

Working together after hours has Hannah and Miles sharing more than just a bottle of bourbon. Will they check off each item of their ridiculous to-do list, and get on with their lives? Or will the extra time spent together uncover long-buried feelings?

Bourbon & the Best Man is a brother’s best friend, small town romance, that follows a day-dreaming photographer and a down-to-earth bar owner as they skirt around their feelings for each other and give a fresh perspective on each other’s struggles. This standalone is book two in the Perfect Pairings series, which follows a group of friends as they navigate life and find love in a small town.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3L29RSi

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