COVER REVEAL: Taste by Melanie Harlow

A stranded, forced proximity romance by Melanie Harlow? Sign me up! I'm loving the blurb for her upcoming sexy chef, accidental pregnancy romance. While the first book in this spinoff series, Ignite, was a rare miss for me, I generally love Harlow's steamy, tense romances. This one promises to be another engaging one, and I... Continue Reading →

COVER REVEAL: Sweeper by Amy Daws

I'm looking forward to this one! At the end of Daws' last book, Replay, there was a bombshell revelation to shake things up - and the story continues in Sweeper! This will surely read as a standalone, but the books are better together. It's probably going to be a light and sexy sports romance with... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal Central

It was a busy week at work, so I didn't keep up with the cover reveals well - but there were some VERY exciting one! Two are long-awaited installments in series that I love, while the other two are intriguing releases from authors whose work I enjoy. Details on all four below! I've been waiting... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal Central

Check out these awesome cover reveals! There have been so many big cover reveals this week that I couldn't keep up - and a few of these will be releasing very, very soon! I've got the six that I'm most excited about below, including my thoughts on each book. This has been a fantastic series,... Continue Reading →

COVER REVEAL: Reel by Kennedy Ryan

Love this cover! I'm definitely intrigued by this blurb and Kennedy Ryan's writing is excellent, so I'm looking forward to checking this out. I love a good Hollywood romance, and she's calling this a grumpy/sunshine scenario, so that sounds good to me! The only bit of hesitation I have is that I do sometimes find... Continue Reading →

COVER REVEAL: Fake by Kylie Scott

Talk about a GORGEOUS cover! It's the kind of cover that makes me stop in my tracks, and the blurb sounds like just my kind of romance. I'm still getting to know Kylie Scott's work, but this fake relationship romance should be right up my alley - and it'll be here before you know it!... Continue Reading →

COVER REVEAL: With You Forever by Chloe Liese

I am SO excited about this one! I've been absolutely LOVING Chloe Liese's Bergmen Brothers series, and she's just revealed the cover for her next installment! It's a marriage of convenience romance featuring two complex characters, and we've already gotten enough peeks at them in the previous books to know that their story should be... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal Central

It was a BIG week for cover reveals, and today brings four that I have been eagerly anticipating. All four are books that I am both very excited and also hesitant to read, for a variety of reasons. I know a lot of bloggers like to keep things positive, but I like to keep it... Continue Reading →

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