15 Brother’s Best Friend Romances

There are few tropes that I like better than a brother's best friend / best friend's little sister / best friend's brother romance (well, that's a mouthful!). You wanna know why? Because they usually have all of the history that I love about a second chance romance without all of the drama that I hate,... Continue Reading →

Best of September

September was an AWESOME month for new releases, with some of my favorite romances of the year. From light to angsty, there was a little of everything, but the fun, sexy reads dominated the month for me. The six books on this list all take the reader through a variety of emotions, mixing humor and... Continue Reading →

15 Unexpected Roommate Romances

After reading a really great roommate romance this week, it got me thinking about how many truly outstanding unexpected roommate romances I've read, especially recently. Admittedly, I am a fake relationship romance lover, and it's a common trope in those books, but there are so many instances where adding in that forced proximity produces combustible... Continue Reading →

Best of August

August was such a BUSY month for new releases, with so many great books to choose from. I enjoyed plenty of romances this month, but these six stand at the top of the pack for me. In a month where there was so much drama going on in real life, I definitely gravitated towards lighter... Continue Reading →

Best of July 2020

July was all about exploring the work of new-to-me authors because many of my favorites released books in June. So I think it's only fitting that every single book at the top of my list for the month was written by an author whose work I'm just starting to get familiar with. I loved this... Continue Reading →

15 Slow Burn to SIZZLE Romances

I love all of the tension and the emotional build that comes with a slow burn romance, but I also want there to be a payoff in the end. All of that chemistry has to combust at some point; crackling with electricity until it reaches its breaking point. The fifteen books on this list all... Continue Reading →

15 Best of the Year (So Far)

You know that feeling you get when you read a great book and there's just a little bit of magic in the experience? Whether you're pulled in right away or it slowly gets under your skin, an outstanding book will make you FEEL something. These are the fifteen 2020 releases that have given me that... Continue Reading →

Best of June 2020

This was such a FANTASTIC release month that I really, really struggled to narrow down my list of favorites. I think I rated more books as 5 stars this month than I did in March and April combined, but I also read more of June's releases than I have any other month (39 in total!).... Continue Reading →

15 of My Favorite Single Dads

In celebration of all of the great fathers out there, I'm sharing a list of some of my favorite single dads! There's nothing quite like a sexy guy being loving and patient with his children. It definitely makes for some swoonworthy moments! Single dads can make excellent romance heroes, whether they're comfortable with the role... Continue Reading →

15 Light and Sexy Summer Reads

It's starting to feel like summer, and that means I'm looking forward to more light and sexy reads! There's just something about low angst romance that brightens my day, and they're the perfect kind of books to binge by the beach or to sneak in a few pages of when you're on the go. The... Continue Reading →

15 Bad Boys Who Fall Hard

I love good guy heroes, but sometimes I'm in the mood for a man who is a little more... complicated. A bad boy with a troubled past; a mob boss whose concept of right/wrong straddles a fine line; a great man hiding behind a cocky grin. There are different levels to these bad boys, but... Continue Reading →

Best of May 2020

May was an OUTSTANDING month for romance! I'm pretty sure I rated more books as 5 stars in May than I did in April and March combined. So it was extremely difficult to narrow down my top picks this month - and I'm not complaining! There were so many excellent books that I highly recommend,... Continue Reading →

15 Protective, Loving Romance Heroes

Some of these heroes might be a little rough around the edges, but they are all GREAT guys deep down. They're loving and protective without being over the top, and they make worthy partners for their heroines. From the military heroes to the all-around good guys, each of these heroes has something about them that... Continue Reading →


There are SO MANY new romance novels coming your way in the month of June!!! It can be incredibly difficult to keep track of all of the new releases each month, so I've put together a calendar to help you manage your TBR. The following books are the ones that are on my radar -... Continue Reading →

Mark Your Calendar: May Releases

Every time I think my TBR for May is FULL, a new book gets announced!!! It's truly a FANTASTIC month for releases, so I thought I'd share a calendar of sorts to help you keep track of all the romantic goodness coming your way soon! I've got the blurb and release day, plus preorder links... Continue Reading →

Best of April 2020

What a month! April was... let's call it interesting. I don't know about you, but there have been many changes in my life during the month of April, and while I've continued to read every day, my routine has definitely changed. I've got less patience for books that aren't working for me, and I've been... Continue Reading →

15 Bosses & Billionaires

That's right, we're talking about rich guys. It's a beloved trope for a reason - there's something about a bossy alphahole that sparks sexual tension like nothing else. Whether it's an office romance or a fake relationship, billionaire romances often feature opposites who clash until that tension combusts. Not all of these heroes are billionaires... Continue Reading →

15 May Releases on My TBR

As April winds down, it's time to start thinking about all of the great books that are releasing in May - and there are some AWESOME ones! With new announcements made every day, it's almost impossible to keep track of all the romance novels on the horizon, so I'm sharing a list of 15 May... Continue Reading →

15 One-Click Rom Com Authors

While I've always loved rom coms, I've found myself seeking them out with a much higher frequency since the start of social distancing. They're great escapism - light, easy reads that make me laugh and smile, even if I've had a rough day. Some are sexy, some are tame, but none of them linger on... Continue Reading →

40+ Kindle Deals and Steals

There has never been a better time to fill up your Kindle with cheap, quality romances. It seems like every day another author is offering their books at a reduced price - or free - so that readers stuck at home have something to keep them occupied. I've collected a bunch of these deals in... Continue Reading →

15 Romance Series to Start Bingeing Now

Have a little extra free time on your hands? Start reading one of these series today and the hours will fly by. They're all addictive, engrossing, and well written with characters you'll want more of. From sports romances to rom coms to emotional reads, there's something for every mood. I've leaned heavier on the light... Continue Reading →

15 Light and sexy romances

My go-to weekday reads are always light and a little sexy; romances that lift my spirits and wash away the work day. They don't always have the same level of depth as those intense, angsty reads (and thus don't always earn a 5-star rating from me), but they hold a special place in my heart... Continue Reading →

Best of February

2020 has been a stellar year for romance, and we've barely scratched the surface. I read so many great books in January that I thought there was no way February could compare... but that was definitely not the case. There were fantastic new releases from some of my very favorite authors (Rachel Van Dyken, Adriana... Continue Reading →

15 Awesome Opposites Attract Romances

I love the tension that inevitably develops when two total opposites meet and start to fall for each other. Whether it's good girl/bad boy, jock/nerd, nasty/nice, the contrasts often make for truly dynamic reads. The following 15 romances all feature couples who have major differences, but somehow find enough commonalities along the way to fall... Continue Reading →

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