There might be a few days left in the month, but I'm calling it a wrap - there are already plenty of great candidates for my Best of the Month list (coming soon)! Plus, you know, it's a holiday weekend and there aren't any new releases til Tuesday. May started off a little slow, but... Continue Reading →


I've been busy reading up a storm for all of next week's releases, so it was a quieter review week - but a good one! I really enjoyed the newest from Susannah Nix, a light and sexy Hollywood romance that hit all the right notes. I also enjoyed Jennifer Hartmann's mega-angsty, forbidden romance, especially the... Continue Reading →


It ended up being a lame release week, but I made it work! I enjoyed the newest from Chloe Liese's Bergman Brothers series, a MM grumpy/sunshine romance with major Ted Lasso vibes. I also checked out Angela Denise (A.R. Casella & Denise Grover Swank) for the first time in awhile, and they have definitely grown... Continue Reading →


A very uneven week, but ultimately a successful one! With two 5-star reads and two 3-star reads, this week was filled with highs and lows. I read one of the most anticipated romances of the year, Book Lovers, and it lived up to the hype. The blend of romance and women's fiction made for a... Continue Reading →


April was kind of a lame release month, but the good books were REALLY good. I'm betting more than one of these will be on my Best of 2022 list at the end of the year. The month started off strong for me, with several 5-star reads in a row, then my enjoyment of the... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: April 22nd

I could feel myself taking my PMS out on my book boyfriends this week, so I knew that I'd better set the books down and take a little break, lol! Oops. I did successfully read a few audiobooks, though I DNF'd or set aside more books than I managed to finish. It happens. The only... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: April 15th

Rom coms ruled the week, and now I'm in the mood for a mafia romance, lol! I was actually surprised by how much reading I got done this week, considering my husband was on vacation and underfoot. Ten Trends is 550 pages, and I read another 500+ page book last week, so I didn't have... Continue Reading →


It was a great reading week for me! Three of these five books were 5-star reads, and the other two were disappointing but not bad. My two favorites were both forbidden, one night stand to more romances that were executed in very different ways. The bright and funny, tense and sexy Those Three Little Words... Continue Reading →


What a month! There were a TON of new releases in March, and for a few weeks it felt like more quantity than quality. After a strong start to the month, I felt myself getting pulled into a slump mid-month because I was reading so many new books, but not finding a lot of 5-star... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: March 25th

It was an exploratory reading week for me, and with that came mixed results! None of my one-click authors released new books this week, so I checked out the work of several new-to-me or newer-to-me authors. My favorite was the easy, sexy Say Yes to the Boss, which made me think it might be time... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: March 18th

It was a better reading week for me! Two bingeable books made my week, Shenanigans and Dr. Potter. The audio version of Shenanigans made the Vegas wedding-turned-marriage of convenience romance shine, and I loved the light, easy feel. The unpredictability of Dr. Potter had me glued to my seat, and it had me tearing through... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: March 11th

It was a 4-star kind of week! Nearly everything I read this week ended up being a 4-star read, with ZERO 5-star books. That actually makes it a pretty solid release week, but I was expecting several of these to be 5-star-worthy - there were some highly anticipated books in this group - so it... Continue Reading →


I really struggled to find reading time this week - I was way too busy doomscrolling - but there were tons of great releases. One of my favorite books of the year so far, Hook, Line, and Sinker, came out this week. I posted my sneak peek review awhile back, and I've still got such... Continue Reading →


I can't believe February is almost over, it certainly got away from me a little bit, lol! I started out with a strong reading month, but haven't been able to focus for days given all of the doomscrolling I've been doing. Regardless, it was a fun month of reading experimentation for me. Most of my... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: February 11th

It ended up being a solid reading week for me! While the new releases were a little sparse this week, I read a few that hit the right notes. I seriously enjoyed the light and sexy office romance, A Ticking Time Boss, which has reminded me why I like Olivia Hayle's writing. I also revisited... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: February 4th

It was a quiet release week, but I read a couple of solid debut novels that made the week. My favorite is easily the roommates to lovers romance, Lease on Love. With a focus on mental health, a great slow burn, and a funny side, it’s one of the best romance/women’s fiction crossovers I’ve read... Continue Reading →


January was a crazy busy release month, and I ended up reading like half of the new releases that I wanted to - but the books were great! My ratio of 5-star romances to less successful reads was higher than ever, and that's because there were so many exciting new releases to choose from. And... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: January 28th

It was a 5-star kind of week! Some weeks I wonder if I'm being too critical, and some weeks it's the opposite. Almost everything I read this week was 5-star worthy, and that includes a couple of upcoming releases that aren't in this group. It was a great week! My two favorites feature men with... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: January 21st

It was a pretty good week! There were no losers in this mix, just two books that rose to the top of the pack. My favorite was easily the forbidden ex's brother romance, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. It was another excellent read from O'Roark, who is quickly becoming a one-click author for... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: January 14th

It was quality over quantity this week - I didn't get in as much reading time as I'd hoped, but the books were very good. I loved the sweet and laidback office romance from Rachel Lynn Solomon, Weather Girl. The hero was the swooniest gentleman, and the book was such a feel good read. My... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: January 7th

I had a somewhat disappointing reading week, but looking back, it wasn't as bad as I thought. I listened to the hot and steamy The Lawyer on audio, and it was a great introduction to Marni Mann's work - I'll definitely be reading more. I also enjoyed the sexy and tense The Worst Guy, a... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: December 17th

What a great week! After last week's terrible turnout, I was worried that I was falling into a slump - but that couldn't be further from the truth! Three of these four books received 5-star ratings from me, which is certainly not the usual. I'm still blaming Darling Venom for my lackluster reading last week... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: December 10th

I'm not very happy with the way my reading went this week, but everything turned out alright in the end. Have you ever had a major book hangover? As in, you read an EXCELLENT book, and then everything that follows cannot compare? That's how I was feeling this week. I DNF'd more books this week... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: November 19th

Was this a better release week than the entirety of October? Uh, pretty much! THREE of this week's releases were outstanding, each in a different way. I couldn't even begin to tell you which is my favorite. I read the ultra steamy The Enigma first, which had some complicated mind games and SO MUCH tension.... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: November 12th

My reading week was all over the place! My favorite new release of the week was Just Haven't Met You Yet... but I read my ARC copy a few months ago. It's been so long since I've read the quiet and heartfelt romance/women's fiction crossover that I kind of want to dive back in now.... Continue Reading →


October was an interesting reading month for me! There weren't a ton of new releases that caught my eye (until this week!), so I took the opportunity to catch up on my 2021 TBR a bit - and that worked out GREAT. I read a few very solid October releases, several disappointing ones, and a... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: October 22nd

What a week! I've been living in the fog of the worst book hangover I've ever experienced, because I read two EXCELLENT books this week. This month, I've been checking out some of the books I overlooked earlier in the year, and, well... it's working! The Spanish Love Deception showed up in my feed often... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: October 15th

It was a week of hits and misses - I either loved what I was reading, or I didn't. There was no in between. I loved The Closer, a low angst marriage of convenience romance. I also finally got around to reading A Deal with the Devil, and it was slow burn goodness. Rebel Yule... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: October 8th

I had a GREAT reading week! Three 5-star and two 4-star reads - it's probably one of my most successful reading weeks this year! The theme seemed to be steamy reads, with each of these books featuring plenty of sexual tension and heat, but VERY different vibes. I loved the newest light and funny rom... Continue Reading →

Best of September 2021

September was an awesome reading month for me! I'm struggling to decide exactly which book was my favorite - there was a little something for every mood. I *think* that the stellar, science-filled debut, The Love Hypothesis, steals the show this month though. I loved the unique feel, and the grumpy cinnamon roll of a... Continue Reading →


September ended up being a pretty great reading month for me! I was in a little bit of a reading slump all summer long, and that changed with these September releases. I had more 5-star reads this month than I did all summer, and I protected myself from falling back into the slump by setting... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: September 24th

Best reading week I've had in months! I'm happy to report that September has been pretty great for new releases, and this week was the best one of all. Three out of these six books were 5-star reads, and two are serious contenders for my Best of the Year list (The Love Hypothesis and Falling... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: September 17th

It was a solid release week! After a very rocky summer, I'm just excited to see the 4 and 5-star reads outnumbering the less successful ones! I loved The Lie, easily my favorite book of the week. I also liked With You Forever and Hard Fall. The Rebound and Running on Diesel were not my... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: September 10th

I don't want to jinx it, but... I seem to be getting my reading groove back! I posted three reviews this week, and two were high quality, 5-star reads. I also read a few other books that will be releasing in the coming weeks, including another two 5-star reads. That's more than the entire month... Continue Reading →


August was the month to expect the unexpected - in life, and in reading! After a lackluster July, I was really hoping that things would look up reading-wise in August, and they kinda/sorta did. The books that I read were pretty solid overall, with several 5-star romances in the mix. I didn't have a ton... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: August 20th

It was a quiet release week, so I've been catching up on ARCs and reading books from my TBR. I finally got around to reading (or listening!) to The Soulmate Equation, and it ended up being an excellent romance. I also liked The Dating Playbook, though it wasn't a total win. Beneath the Fallen Stars... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: August 13th

Things are looking up! At least in terms of my reading, lol. I've continued to read at a slower pace than usual (this is two weeks' worth of reviews), because real life is a bit distracting at the moment and doomscrolling is so easy to do. But I've had a lot more luck in finding... Continue Reading →


While July seemed to be an extremely disappointing release month (it really was), looking back at all of the books I reviewed this month - the books were actually better than I thought! I reviewed a total of 22 new romances in July, and there were more 4 and 5-star reads than 3 and 2-star... Continue Reading →


Things are looking up! While July's releases have been really disappointing overall, this week had more hits than misses - and it ended on a high note! I absolutely loved the unique and interesting Heartbreak for Hire, easily one of my favorite books of the month (it releases on Tuesday). I also enjoyed the light... Continue Reading →


I was VERY behind on my reading going into this week, and things did not improve! Work has been crazy the last couple of weeks, so reading has temporarily had to take a backseat, unfortunately. Fun fact: I'm able to read so much (5-7 books a week, usually) because Siri reads aloud while I'm at... Continue Reading →


The word I'd use to describe this week: disappointing. I was really looking forward to a few of these books, and they just didn't go the way I'd hoped. I had three 3-star reads, one 4-star, and only one 5-star read. But the good news? That 5-star read was GREAT. I loved What If You... Continue Reading →


It was a solid release week! I'm way behind on my TBR at the moment, so I'll be catching up over the holiday weekend, but I still read several of this week's releases - and most of them were good! My favorite was easily the charming and nostalgic To Sir, With Love, but I also... Continue Reading →


June has been a "pretty good" reading month overall, and that holds true as the month comes to a close. My favorite of this group was the Hollywood-inspired Love Scenes, followed by the angsty Something About You. I enjoyed The Next Mrs. Russo for its comedy (but not its romance). The lighthearted Fake Start, angsty... Continue Reading →


Only one 5-star read for me this week - but it was a GREAT one! I loved every minute of The Perfect Catch, and it's going to be a serious contender for my Best of the Year list (more on that tomorrow 😉). I also enjoyed the tense and sexy Something Like Hate and the... Continue Reading →


I'm calling this week a WIN, because I read three 5-star romances. I only read six in the entire month of May, so things are already looking up for June! An unlikable hero redeemed himself in the quiet and sexy The Rival, an alpha antihero showed his sweeter side in Cruel Saints, and two broken... Continue Reading →


Let's call this a "pretty good" release week. While I read several 4-star books, there were no 5-star reads for me, and even two that received 2 stars. It's rare that I go that low, and I hate to see two in one week. Despite that, I had a lot of fun reading some of... Continue Reading →


It was a very light but successful reading week for me. I've got about a million ARCs for next week's releases, so I only reviewed three 😱 books this week! Luckily, two of them were 5-star reads and strong contenders for my best of the month list. I absolutely LOVED Forbidden, and the laidback Fake... Continue Reading →


It was a decidedly 4-star week, with several books that ALMOST hit the mark. Only the tense and steamy Out of the Blue won me over completely, and it was a total surprise because second chance romances typically don't resonate with me. But I loved it! I also enjoyed two light and sexy reads, He... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: Mega Edition

I know that I'm not in a reading slump because I've been reading some really excellent books, but they've been sprinkled amongst several... less than stellar... releases. I can't even tell you how many books I've set aside recently, and I have several in-progress reads on my Kindle that I'll get back to at some... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: April 16th

It was sort of an "okay" kind of week. There were more misses than hits, but some of the hits were VERY solid, so that's always a plus. I really enjoyed the chemistry-filled The Love Interest, my only 5-star read of the week. I loved the first half of Earn Your Extra Credit and the... Continue Reading →


I can't remember the last release week that was this good! It was a busy week, full of some highly anticipated books for me - and it turned out very well! I absolutely adored Twice Shy, the sweet and swoony sophomore release from Sarah Hogle (whose debut, You Deserve Each Other, was one of my... Continue Reading →


I'm calling this week a success, because I read two great new releases, and three that were decent. March was a hit or miss month for me, so I'm happy with those results! All five of this week's books were written by go-to authors for me, so I honestly expected to like all of them,... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: March 26th

My reading week was... okay. Not great, not terrible. I'm not sure if it's these March releases letting me down or if I'm hitting a slump, but there have definitely been some losers lately. My favorite new release of the week was easily Her Reluctant Husband, though... I actually read it earlier in the month,... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: March 19th

Some of this week's releases were an unexpected treat! The majority of last week's releases didn't strike a chord with me, and I was quickly heading towards a slump when I started reading for this week. But the most unlikely of books pulled me out of that - and in a big, big way! I... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: March 12th

Well, it wasn’t a great reading week for me, but there were a couple of standouts. I loved the angsty, forbidden Love to Tempt You and got invested in the relationship at the center of The Art of Falling for You, the first book in a New Adult trilogy. The others all missed the mark... Continue Reading →


It was a hit or miss kind of week! I was still catching up on my reading from last week, which was just ridiculously jam-packed with new releases. This week had some solid ones as well, including two that caught me by surprise. I loved the emotional and moving Float Plan, as well as the... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: February 26th

What a week! Yes, I'm fully aware that the number of reviews I posted this week is a little bonkers, but... can you blame me?! There were SO MANY new releases this week, and I just couldn't pass some of them up. And I'm, umm, actually not done reading this week's releases; I've still got... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: February 19th

I feel like I've been handing out 5-star ratings like candy this month, because the releases have been AWESOME. This week was particularly good; I read multiple 5-star romances, and the vibes were all completely different. There was the intense and steamy Ruthless Creatures, the emotional and tense Hard to Score, the low angst and... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: February 12th

February is shaping up to be a crazy - and crazy good - release month! This week felt a little bit like the calm before the storm, with some solid releases, but not the chaos that will be the 23rd. I feel like all of my favorite authors are releasing books this month, and that's... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: February 5th

February started off right with a few great new books! My favorite book of the week was easily How to Save a Life, but The Wedding Game was a funny little treat too - and it's available one month early! See my review for details. There were also solid releases from two authors whose work... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: January 29th

It was a hit or miss week, with one EXCELLENT workplace romance (Shipped), one sexy/sweet romance (The Sweetest Fix), and a few other pretty good books. That's sort of been the trend this month, where new releases have been a little spotty. The light release week lead me to Angie Hockman's debut, and I couldn't... Continue Reading →

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