WEEKLY WRAP-UP: March 24th

I spent way too much time scrolling through Twitter this week (there may have been a few interesting news stories, lol), but I actually did get a good amount of reading done. I tried the buzzy The Brightness Light of Sunshine, which I ended up loving. It's a quiet slow burn, with strangers to friends... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: March 17th

It was quality over quantity for me this week, and I am completely okay with that! After going a full month without a 5-star read, I finally had one last week - and then another two this week! So happy. Yeah, I set aside several other books that weren't working as well for me, but... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: March 10th

I had my first 5-star read in a full MONTH, so I'm a happy girl! It's not the first time I've gone that long between 5-star reads, but it always stings when it happens. I partially blame the excellence of The Right Move for putting me into such an extended book hangover, but I also... Continue Reading →


My reading week went a little better than the last few, so I'm feeling good! I enjoyed Best Served Hot, a delicious rivals romance with tons of food references. It was a great mix of romance and women's fiction vibes, with plenty of banter and a unique feel. I also liked First to Fall, a... Continue Reading →


I didn't have the best reading month, but it doesn't look so bad when it's all wrapped up in one place! It was feast or famine for me, with many DNFs and less than stellar experiences, combined with some really great reads. I definitely struggled throughout the course of the month, though part of that... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: February 17th

Not gonna lie, I had a wildly unsuccessful reading week. It can't all be blamed on the books - between the Super Bowl, a crazy busy work week, and two Valentine's dates with my husband, I was focused on everything BUT books. Every time I sat down to read I got interrupted, and every time... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: February 10th

I spent most of my week SAVORING the beefy The Right Move, and I don't regret it for a minute. The sister's best friend/reluctant roommates romance had big shoes to fill after the excellent Mile High, and it still managed to exceed my expectations. I adored it! That didn't leave a whole lot of time... Continue Reading →

Tossed Off the TBR: The DNF Report

It’s been awhile (over six months!) since I’ve posted one of these, so I thought I’d talk about some of the books that DIDN’T work for me, for one reason or another. That’s almost as good as reviewing them, lol, and I think it’s important to talk about. There’s no shame in setting aside books... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: February 3rd

January ended on a high note, with a very busy - and pretty great - release week! I shared my sneak peek review of Final Offer last month, and I was happy to post it again during release week - the book was excellent! It was more emotional and intense than the other books in... Continue Reading →


My reading month was a mix of big wins followed by major book hangovers, which made it a frustrating and fulfilling month at the same time! After putting together my Top 20 of 2022 list at the end of the year, I decided to tackle some of the 2023 ARCs that I already had on... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: January 27th

After struggling last week, things went much smoother this time around! I was quick to set aside anything that wasn't working for me, and I picked books that fit my moods. The results speak for themselves! Georgie, All Along doesn't count because I shared my sneak peek review last month, but I was excited that... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: January 20th

After reading (and adoring!) my ARC of Ali Hazelwood's summer release, I spent the rest of the week DNFing more books than I successfully read. I think it was a dreaded combination of having a MAJOR book hangover from the fantastic Love, Theoretically and simply picking up books that weren't delivering what I hoped they... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: January 13th

It was definitely a decent-ish reading week, with a variety of books that almost hit the right notes. My favorite (by far) was Exes and O's, the opposites attract/roommates romance from Amy Lea. I loved the playful vibe, and it ended up being an engaging read. I also enjoyed the debut, Water Under the Bridge,... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: January 6th

And we're back! I don't stop reading during the holidays, but I do take some time to rest and recharge my mental batteries, which means this wrap-up encompasses (some of) the reading I've been doing since Christmas - and a lot of it was great! I posted three 5-star sneak peek reviews, which is just... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: December 9th

I had a great reading week, honestly! I absolutely adored Talk Flirty to Me, a rare second chance romance to win me over. The tension was delicious, and I couldn't stop reading. I also seriously enjoyed Holiday Romance, a festive friends to lovers treat - perfect for the season. I liked a significant portion of... Continue Reading →


I was a little worried about November, I'll be honest! I went nearly a full month without a 5-star read, so it wasn't even until November was halfway over that I found my first one. There were plenty of 3.5 or 4-star reads, several highly anticipated releases that just didn't quite hit the mark, and... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: December 2nd

Though this is technically a two-week wrap-up, I ended the month with some great reads! I loved Ana Huang's engaging marriage of convenience romance, which was so bingeable. I flew through Devney Perry's single mom/roommates romance. I enjoyed the surprisingly low angst Come As You Are. Neither How the Grump Stole Christmas or Two Wrongs... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: November 18th

I spent most of the week immersed in Untying the Knot, and I have no regrets - it was fantastic! Meghan Quinn always swings for the fences, so my experiences with her work can be inconsistent, but the good ones are REALLY good. This marriage in trouble romance gripped me the whole way through, and... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: November 11th

Technically, this wrap-up covers two weeks, since last week was filled with end of the month posts! Things really started looking up at the end of this week - after nearly a month of abandoned books and 3-4 stars reads, I was definitely getting frustrated. I went almost a month without a 5-star read (Heartless... Continue Reading →


Overwhelmed by the many, many new releases in September/October and much busier personally/professionally than anticipated, October was a weird reading month for me. I had big plans to tackle my TBR and read some of the books I've been eagerly anticipating, but I was just too busy to get to some of the top-tier stuff.... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: October 28th

I had a decent reading week! I officially posted my release week review for The Co-op, which remains one of my favorite books of the month. It's tense and addictive, with a second chance romance that I actually liked - loved, really! I also posted my sneak peek review of Next to You, a spicy... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: October 21st

I've been reading thick books all week, so it's been more about the quality than the quantity! My favorite book this week was EASILY Heartless, a small town/single dad romance that hit all the right notes. After reading Flawless earlier this year, I've been eagerly anticipating the followup, and it exceeded my very high expectations.... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: October 14th

Let's just call it Tarah DeWitt week, because those were EASILY my favorites of the week! I loved, loved, loved DeWitt's breakout novel, Funny Feelings, so I decided to read her debut (Rootbound) while awaiting her third book's release. And it was great! It's quieter and more family-focused than expected, with an excellent slow-burning romance... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: October 7th

I finally feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things with my reading, now that summer is past and the new releases are plentiful. Perhaps too plentiful, because my TBR is growing by the day! I finally read one of my most anticipated releases of the year, The American Roommate Experiment. Did I... Continue Reading →


I'm not ready to wrap up September, lol, I still have a ton of reading to do! Between the avalanche of new releases and a busy month at my job, I didn't get to read many of the books I was looking forward to this month. In fact, I held off on reading most of... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: September 23rd

I had a good reading week! The overabundance of exciting new releases has left me jumping between books all week (too many choices!), but I found some great ones along the way. I checked out Torie Jean's swoony debut, which was both realistic and super charming. I read the newest in Julie Olivia's easygoing rom... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: September 16th

I had a great reading week, with two 5-star and two 4-star romances. I continued my binge of B.K. Borison's small town romance series, and the newest installment might just be my favorite. The hero was the swooniest man! I also read J. Saman's new intense and spicy romance, which brought the heat and was... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: September 9th

Can't say that my reading week went quite the way I expected, but it wasn't bad! Between unanticipated work obligations and my local library dragging their feet about buying my most anticipated releases (I can't spend $10+ on every traditionally released book!), I was left with little reading time and none of the books I... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: September 2nd

I ended up spending most of my week listening to early audio versions of B.K. Borison's swoony small town series, just in time for the newest book to release. And I'm not complaining! I originally tried reading the series out of order and that didn't go so well, so I jumped at the chance to... Continue Reading →


It was a month of new-to-me authors, and I’m not complaining! I reviewed books by 12 authors I hadn’t read before this month, with several additional semi-finished books on my Kindle because I’m bad like that. Most of those endeavors were very successful - five of my six favorite books of the month were written... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: August 26th

I had a good reading week, albeit a light one (for me, anyways), and I tried several new-to-me authors. I read Love on the Brain a few months ago, but I officially posted my review this week - and it remains one of my favorite books of the year. I checked out the first co-write... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: August 19th

Four solid romances round out my reading week, so I can't complain! I went nearly two full weeks between 5-star reads, so I've been feeling discontented with my summer reading. But looking back on this week, it was a pretty good one. I read Sin Bin, one of the sexier installments to Teagan Hunter's light... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: August 12th

It was a busy release week, and a great one! I tried three new-to-me authors, and they were all good experiences. My favorite book of the week is The Bodyguard, which was a really unique blend of romance and women's fiction. I also enjoyed the newest from JB Salsbury, which was my favorite in the... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: August 5th

I've been busy reading NEXT week's releases, lol, but I did review some pretty great books this week! Thank You for Listening made my Best of the Year (So Far) list last month, and it came out this week. It's still one of my favorites of the year! I also loved Funny You Should Ask,... Continue Reading →


July was a struggle, but I made the most of it! While several of my favorite series had new installments come out in July, it's like the authors all decided to feature my LEAST favorite tropes - second chance and friends to lovers. That's personal preference, of course, but I often find myself distracted by... Continue Reading →


I had a much better reading week, which has left me feeling slightly more optimistic about these July releases, lol. They've been not so great prior to this week. I read the newest from Lauren Layne, and it was the return of the light and sexy style I used to love from her. I tried... Continue Reading →


Eh, my reading week wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible either. No 5-star reads this week, but I did have three 4-stars. I liked the newest from Sarina Bowen, which focused more on the lust than the love. I enjoyed one of Kristy Marie's older college romances. And I devoured one of Ali Hazelwood's fun... Continue Reading →


It was a light release week because of the holiday, but I managed to read some great books! I listened to the upcoming release from Julia Whelan, and it was so good that it made it onto my 15 Best of 2022 (So Far) list - found here. I finally read Fall by Kristen Callihan,... Continue Reading →

Best of June 2022

An embarrassment of reading riches made it VERY difficult to put this list together, lol! I couldn't limit myself to six books this month, so I've got six top picks and a few honorable mentions. My top picks were all really great reads, and the honorable mentions would've easily made the list in a less... Continue Reading →


I had a really, really great reading month in June, with more 5-star reads than ever before. Partly because the new releases were plentiful and good, partly because I read some books that had been lingering near the top of my TBR for months or years. I actually felt a little weird handing out so... Continue Reading →


It was a busy release week, and a solid one too! I've been eagerly anticipating the newest from Elizabeth O'Roark for months, and it did not disappoint. The steamy office romance kept me on my toes, and O'Roark has now solidified her one-click status for me. The newest from Lucy Score also released this week,... Continue Reading →


It was an exploratory reading week for me, and the results were successful! I tried out new-to-me author Lilian T. James, and Meet Me Halfway quickly became one of my favorite romances in what has been a phenomenal reading month for me. I also loved Last on the List, the newest from Amy Daws. It... Continue Reading →


I had a great reading week! Three 5-star reads, one 4-star, and one 3-star (which I actually read months ago). Those ratios are almost unheard of for me! Plus... there was one very disappointing DNF. But I'm focusing on the wins, and that's what most of the week entailed. I tried out new-to-me author Julie... Continue Reading →


It was a great reading week! I binged my ARC of one of the most highly anticipated romances of the year, Love on the Brain, and it exceeded my very high expectations. I finally moved a classic slow burn romance (The Wall of Winnipeg and Me) up to the top of my TBR, and it... Continue Reading →


There might be a few days left in the month, but I'm calling it a wrap - there are already plenty of great candidates for my Best of the Month list (coming soon)! Plus, you know, it's a holiday weekend and there aren't any new releases til Tuesday. May started off a little slow, but... Continue Reading →


I've been busy reading up a storm for all of next week's releases, so it was a quieter review week - but a good one! I really enjoyed the newest from Susannah Nix, a light and sexy Hollywood romance that hit all the right notes. I also enjoyed Jennifer Hartmann's mega-angsty, forbidden romance, especially the... Continue Reading →


It ended up being a lame release week, but I made it work! I enjoyed the newest from Chloe Liese's Bergman Brothers series, a MM grumpy/sunshine romance with major Ted Lasso vibes. I also checked out Angela Denise (A.R. Casella & Denise Grover Swank) for the first time in awhile, and they have definitely grown... Continue Reading →


A very uneven week, but ultimately a successful one! With two 5-star reads and two 3-star reads, this week was filled with highs and lows. I read one of the most anticipated romances of the year, Book Lovers, and it lived up to the hype. The blend of romance and women's fiction made for a... Continue Reading →


April was kind of a lame release month, but the good books were REALLY good. I'm betting more than one of these will be on my Best of 2022 list at the end of the year. The month started off strong for me, with several 5-star reads in a row, then my enjoyment of the... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: April 22nd

I could feel myself taking my PMS out on my book boyfriends this week, so I knew that I'd better set the books down and take a little break, lol! Oops. I did successfully read a few audiobooks, though I DNF'd or set aside more books than I managed to finish. It happens. The only... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: April 15th

Rom coms ruled the week, and now I'm in the mood for a mafia romance, lol! I was actually surprised by how much reading I got done this week, considering my husband was on vacation and underfoot. Ten Trends is 550 pages, and I read another 500+ page book last week, so I didn't have... Continue Reading →


It was a great reading week for me! Three of these five books were 5-star reads, and the other two were disappointing but not bad. My two favorites were both forbidden, one night stand to more romances that were executed in very different ways. The bright and funny, tense and sexy Those Three Little Words... Continue Reading →


What a month! There were a TON of new releases in March, and for a few weeks it felt like more quantity than quality. After a strong start to the month, I felt myself getting pulled into a slump mid-month because I was reading so many new books, but not finding a lot of 5-star... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: March 25th

It was an exploratory reading week for me, and with that came mixed results! None of my one-click authors released new books this week, so I checked out the work of several new-to-me or newer-to-me authors. My favorite was the easy, sexy Say Yes to the Boss, which made me think it might be time... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: March 18th

It was a better reading week for me! Two bingeable books made my week, Shenanigans and Dr. Potter. The audio version of Shenanigans made the Vegas wedding-turned-marriage of convenience romance shine, and I loved the light, easy feel. The unpredictability of Dr. Potter had me glued to my seat, and it had me tearing through... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: March 11th

It was a 4-star kind of week! Nearly everything I read this week ended up being a 4-star read, with ZERO 5-star books. That actually makes it a pretty solid release week, but I was expecting several of these to be 5-star-worthy - there were some highly anticipated books in this group - so it... Continue Reading →


I really struggled to find reading time this week - I was way too busy doomscrolling - but there were tons of great releases. One of my favorite books of the year so far, Hook, Line, and Sinker, came out this week. I posted my sneak peek review awhile back, and I've still got such... Continue Reading →


I can't believe February is almost over, it certainly got away from me a little bit, lol! I started out with a strong reading month, but haven't been able to focus for days given all of the doomscrolling I've been doing. Regardless, it was a fun month of reading experimentation for me. Most of my... Continue Reading →

WEEKLY WRAP-UP: February 11th

It ended up being a solid reading week for me! While the new releases were a little sparse this week, I read a few that hit the right notes. I seriously enjoyed the light and sexy office romance, A Ticking Time Boss, which has reminded me why I like Olivia Hayle's writing. I also revisited... Continue Reading →

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