⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Doctor Untouchable by J. Saman

Once these two cross the line, they practically combust into flames - this is a smokin' hot installment to the series, one that is full of electric chemistry from start to finish. I jumped back into the series just in time for the conclusion, which was both easy to read as a standalone and also... Continue Reading →

15 Sexy Office Romance Books

Whether the heroine is banging the boss or feuding with a co-worker, office romances have tons of potential for extreme levels of sexual tension. Workplace romance novels also feature popular tropes of every type, from enemies to lovers, billionaires, flings, fake relationships, forbidden boss/employee situations, and rivals romances. There's often great bickering that feels like... Continue Reading →

15 Bossy Billionaire Romance Books

Rich jerks are a huge trope in romance novels - heroes who might be a little moody, broody, and grumpier than the average guy. When I told my husband that billionaire romances are a common trope, he blinked and looked at me like he must've heard me wrong (you mean millionaires, right? Millions aren't enough?),... Continue Reading →

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