⭐️⭐️⭐️ AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Dash by Kayley Loring & Connor Crais 🎧

These co-writes have been a bit uneven for me, and the streak continues with this one. As a long-time fan of Loring's work, it's easy to see Crais' influence, and that has its pros and cons. Pros include getting the dude's perspective right, making this series feel like true sports romance, and (of course) the... Continue Reading →

15 Fiery Forbidden Romance Novels

Whether it's a best friend's little sister, a bodyguard, a co-worker, or someone else's girl, there are so many different scenarios where a relationship can be forbidden. Not every forbidden romance needs to be super angsty, but the trope inherently has an element of sexual tension and the kind of push/pull dynamic that keeps your... Continue Reading →

15 Sexy Sports Romance Novels

I don’t know about you, but I love a good sports romance. From football to hockey, baseball and more, sports romances often play up the tropes for light and sexy reads. Fake relationships, flings, second chances, friends to lovers - they're all represented here. Sports romances are often interconnected standalones that are part of a... Continue Reading →

Best of January 2022

I'm going to be catching up on January releases for the next several months, because there were SO MANY new romance books released this month! Nearly every one of my favorite authors released a new book in January, so there were tons to choose from - and I ended up reading many excellent books. There... Continue Reading →

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