RETRO REVIEW: Never Blue Duet by Julia Wolf

It's been three years since I read this duet, and my chest still feels tight when I think about it. Angst-filled and complicated, this rock star romance will play with your emotions. We meet this couple when they fall hard and fast as young adults, before our hero ever became a star. I loved the... Continue Reading →

15 Fiery Forbidden Romance Novels

Whether it's a best friend's little sister, a bodyguard, a co-worker, or someone else's girl, there are so many different scenarios where a relationship can be forbidden. Not every forbidden romance needs to be super angsty, but the trope inherently has an element of sexual tension and the kind of push/pull dynamic that keeps your... Continue Reading →

TOP 20 OF 2021: The Complete List

Everything I loved about 2021 romance novels, all in one place! Looking back, I really did have a fantastic reading year - there were so many great books that ALMOST made my top 20 list, and plenty of others that were just really solid reads. The books on this list represent the absolute BEST romance... Continue Reading →

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