⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Once Upon an Island by Sarah Ready

Unfortunately, this was not a successful reading experience for me, which is really disappointing because I’ve enjoyed Ready’s work in the past. There are a million romance novels inspired by Pride and Prejudice, and I've read some pretty great ones. Getting the hero's personality just right is one of the major requirements, and this hero... Continue Reading →

MOVIE REVIEW: The Hating Game

As someone who absolutely adored The Hating Game novel, I was both exceedingly excited to watch the movie and also dreading the experience. I think you know the feeling - when you're hoping something is going to be great, but fearing that it'll be an utter disappointment. So, I snuggled up on the couch with... Continue Reading →

15 Awesome Opposites Attract Romance Novels

Do you love a grumpy/sunshine romance, the classic good girl/bad boy trope, the hot jock and the nerd? They're all great opposites attract dynamics that make for fun, engaging contemporary romance reads. I love the tension that inevitably develops when two total opposites meet and start to fall for each other. There's usually plenty of... Continue Reading →

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