⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Unfortunately Yours by Tessa Bailey

Marriage of convenience between near-strangers for the win, yet again! There's a reason why I love the trope so much, and this was another great example. These two almost had a one night stand before things went south, so they're not-so-friendly when they agree to a temporary marriage that benefits them both. They're also fully... Continue Reading →

15 Grumpy Boss Romantic Comedy Books

When I told my husband what the topic of this week’s rec list was, he was like, “shouldn’t we be discouraging that type of relationship?” Well, yes, if romance books were the real world. There’s generally an inherent sense of “wrongness” to boss/employee romances, which is one of the staples of the trope. The characters... Continue Reading →

RETRO REVIEW: Humbugged by Pippa Grant

It's prime time for holiday romances, so it seemed like the perfect time to re-share my review for Pippa Grant's hysterical AND hot holiday romance, Humbugged. I read this back when it released, and the book is a great combination of holiday vibes, humor, and heat. It's got just enough swoon to feel super romantic,... Continue Reading →

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