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If you’re a romance reader, especially a contemporary romance reader, then a Kindle Unlimited subscription is essential. There are so many fantastic authors out there whose work is only available on Amazon, and Kindle Unlimited is an economical option for checking out their work. If you’re a voracious reader, then it will also save you a ton of money in the long run! Subscribers can borrow up to 20 books at a time, and there’s no limit on how many books you can borrow in a month. I read 20-30 books per month, so if I had to pay for each and every book, then the cost would add up quickly. Sure, utilizing your local library system will help, but then you’ll miss out on some of the best contemporary romance authors out there today.

This list is all about Kindle Unlimited! I’ve got recommendations for some of my favorite authors whose work is included in the program, as well as details about audio editions and more. If you’re new to Kindle Unlimited, then this is a great place to start. If you’re already a member, then it’s just a good resource for book recommendations!

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Kindle Unlimited is awesome for audio lovers!

Want to add more audiobooks to your collection, but don’t want to spend a ton of money? Audio add-ons are a great solution, and they work very well with Kindle Unlimited! I’m always one-clicking Kindle freebies and deals, so I’ve got a ton of cheap books in my collection. Now, if I want to add the audiobook versions to my library, they’re cheap as well. This also works with books you’ve borrowed from Kindle Unlimited – and the audiobook is yours to keep. Once you borrow a book from Kindle Unlimited, be sure to check the audiobook price as well!

In this section, we’ll talk about some of my favorite romance authors who have plenty of great books in Kindle Unlimited! Each photo is a link to Amazon, so just give it a click if something looks good.

Meghan Quinn

If you love rom coms with steam and a touch of heartache, then I would definitely recommend Meghan Quinn! She has an entire collection of romance books in Kindle Unlimited, including several ongoing series. Sports romance fans will love the Brentwood Boys – especially the later books in the series. Small town romance lovers will like the Port Snow series, and she’s got so many other good books in the program as well. If you’re looking for a standalone to try out Quinn’s work, then check out A Not So Meet Cute for a scorching hot yet playful read.

J.T. Geissinger

Want something a little edgier, a little sexier? Then try J.T. Geissinger! She’s known for her steamy, semi-dark romances, and her mafia series are some of the best I’ve read. Geissinger has several series in Kindle Unlimited, and she’s the only author whose books have made my Best of the Year list three years in a row. Her ongoing series, Queens & Monsters, is mega steamy and suspenseful – definitely worth a read. You can also dive into the Beautifully Cruel world for more mafia romance, the Dangerous Beauty trilogy for darker romantic suspense, or her Slow Burn series for standalone romances.

Pippa Grant

If you love quirky, offbeat humor, then Pippa Grant is your girl. She’s got so many romantic comedies in Kindle Unlimited, and each has a completely unique feel. Grant has several ongoing series and follows her muse wherever it takes her, so her books can really be read in any order – you’ll just grow to love her characters more with each book! Some of my personal favorites are Real Fake Love, Jock Blocked, and Flirting with the Frenemy, but all of her rom coms are a lot of fun.

Kayley Loring

Fans of low angst, sexy reads will love Kayley Loring’s work. Her books are lighthearted and playful, with a mix of humor and sexual tension. Loring has several series as well as many standalone reads. My favorite series kicks off with the fantastic Sleeper, or you can check out A Very Bossy Christmas if you want something seasonal and excellent. Her ongoing series, The Brodie Brothers, is also filled with humor. For those looking for more of a forbidden, tension-filled read, check out The Love Interest.

Melanie Harlow

Harlow is known for her high heat, small town romance series. Though her books aren’t overly angsty, they’ve definitely got a deeper feel to them, and each book features plenty of steam. My favorite series from Harlow is the Bellamy Creek series, which includes four interconnected standalones that all have great heroes and different vibes – it starts with Drive Me Wild.

J. Saman

For angsty reads and great rock star romance, check out J. Saman. About half of her books are currently in Kindle Unlimited, including the excellent Wild Love series. Her books are emotional and filled with sexual tension, and many feature forbidden elements and tortured heroes. My love her work grew immensely with the angsty Love to Hate Her, and her books just get better and better.

Ilsa Madden-Mills

College and New Adult romance lovers should definitely check out Madden-Mills’ work. Her books have a younger, fresher feel, and the writing quality is excellent. If you want to check out a standalone read, try Dear Ava or The Revenge Pact – two angsty, tension-filled romances that will keep you turning the pages.

Max Monroe

For humor and heat, check out writing duo Max Monroe. Their books are always low angst and sexy, with tons of comedy and a lighthearted feel. Their most recent release, The Pact, was so good, and I’ve also enjoyed plenty of other rom coms from them. If you’re looking for something a little different from the duo, then check out the Jerk Duet – my favorite from the authors.

Teagan Hunter

New Adult lovers who appreciate a good romantic comedy will love Hunter’s work. I fell for her books with the Texting Series, and she’s continued to write quality rom coms ever since. Hunter often writes interconnected standalones, so she usually has a great cast of characters and plenty of comedic moments. I recommend starting with her classic Let’s Get Textual first.

Helena Hunting

Hunting writes romance in a variety of moods and styles, but she’s best known for her comedic sports romance series, which kicked off with Pucked. That high heat and humor-filled series is included in Kindle Unlimited, as is her All In series – my personal favorite. Reading in order will definitely help, because the cast of characters in Hunting’s romances are half the fun. She also has plenty of other books that are not included in Kindle Unlimited.

Emma Hart

For quick and sexy rom coms, Emma Hart is your girl. She writes easy, bingeable romances that will leave you with a smile on your face. Hart’s been writing a lot of short series recently, so you can dive into whatever sounds good. I often read her books in one sitting, and she just added a ton of new books to the Kindle Unlimited program. Of this group, The Bookworm’s Guide to Dating is a great place to start, or Four Day Fling if you want to read a standalone favorite.

R.S. Grey

Personally, I like R.S. Grey’s older work more than her newer books, but that’s just personal preference. She writes great, easy romances, and the fun, playful feel of her books makes for bingeable reads. They’re all included in Kindle Unlimited, so you have quite the selection to choose from. Her books are typically standalones, so you can start anywhere you’d like, but my personal favorites are Hotshot Doc, Not So Nice Guy, and Arrogant Devil.

Winter Renshaw

Renshaw’s books are always completely unexpected, with different vibes and mysterious blurbs. I honestly never know what I’m going to get from her, but that just makes it more of a fun reading experience. She’s got tons of great books in Kindle Unlimited, but some of my favorites are below. I particularly loved the angsty The Cruelest Stranger and The Executive, but most of her books are standalones, so you can jump in anywhere.

Karla Sorensen

I’m still somewhat new to Sorensen’s work, but I absolutely loved her Ward Sisters series. They have a young, fresh feel, and often include sports stars and sexual tension. They’re lighter books with moments of humor but also plenty of emotion, and the cast of characters makes them ideal to read in order. My personal favorites are Faked and Forbidden, but her new series starter, The Lie, is also great.

Sara Ney

For lighthearted college romance with low angst feels, Ney is one of the best out there. I was introduced to her work with Jock Row, and that series continues to be one of my favorites from her. She’s been cycling some of her books in and out of Kindle Unlimited, so my all-time favorite series of hers, the Douchebag series, is not currently included, but plenty of other great books are. Each of her books will easily read as a standalone, but the series include some interconnected stories. Her co-write with Meghan Quinn is also a very good read.

Lucy Score

If you like a thick book with high heat and a unique feel, then check out Lucy Score. She is known for her long, steamy reads, and she writes in a variety of moods and vibes. Score has a great collection of books in Kindle Unlimited, including two series that I haven’t tried yet – I’m still digging through her back catalog. I’ve particularly enjoyed many of her standalones, shown below.

Rachel Van Dyken

Van Dyken writes a little of everything and about half of her books are included in Kindle Unlimited. I came to know her work with the college romance Matchmaker series, but I’ve stuck around for some of her more nuanced, forbidden reads. My personal favorite is the twisty Stealing Her, but any of the books below are solid reads.

Other Great Romances in Kindle Unlimited!

Below are romances that I sincerely enjoyed. If a book catches your interest, then just give it a click – the photos are links to Amazon.

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