⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Neutral Zone by Teagan Hunter

It wasn't for me, but it wasn't bad either. This series has been so easy to jump into whenever the tropes work for me, and some installments are simply better than others. I liked the uniqueness of this one; having a shy, toothless hero certainly felt fresh, and adding in the cam girl/voyeurism aspect was... Continue Reading →

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Hot Slow Burn Romances

I focus on new releases in romance the rest of the week, so Throwback Thursdays revisit book recommendations from years past. This week’s topic is hot slow burns! I read (and loved) Karla Sorensen's newest this week, and it reminded me of one of my favorites from her - Forbidden. The slow burn storylines, steady... Continue Reading →

15 Great Single Mom Romance Novels

Single dad romance books get most of the love, but is there anything more heart-melting and adorable than a commitment-phobic hero becoming part of a family? Whether it’s a charming playboy falling for a woman AND her kids, a grumpy hero becoming fiercely protective of the family he’d love to call his own, or an... Continue Reading →

15 Sibling’s Best Friend Romance Books

Whether it's a brother's best friend, a best friend's little sister, a best friend's brother, or some other similar scenario, "sibling's best friend" romance books always make for great reads. It's a versatile trope that encompasses a variety of situations, and the combination of history and tension makes each love story a little more interesting.... Continue Reading →

Best of April 2023

I had a particularly great reading month filled with stellar rom coms, and I can't seem to narrow down my favorites - so I'm not going to! Each book on this list delivered a 100% unique, 5-star reading experience, and they each have very different vibes and personalities. The most emotionally devastating of the bunch... Continue Reading →

COVER REVEAL: One and Only by Karla Sorensen

We've got two great covers and a fantastic blurb for Karla Sorensen's upcoming release, so I'm excited! Opposites attract, marriage of convenience, roommates - all winning tropes for me. This sounds right up my alley and the covers (particularly that gorgeous couple!) have me excited to dig in. It's been awhile since I've read something... Continue Reading →

15 Hidden Identity Romance Novels

An underrated trope, hidden identity romance books add tension and conflict to stories. The reader is often in on the secret, or they know that there's something yet to be revealed, so they anticipate the moment when the other shoe drops. That adds to the bingeable quality of these romances, and makes them more dynamic,... Continue Reading →

COVER REVEAL: Reckless by Elsie Silver

Check out this GORGEOUS cover! Every book in this series has had a showstopper of a cover, and Reckless is no exception. I've been absolutely loving this series, and I'm just as excited about this installment. Normally I steer clear of secret baby romances, but this is Elsie Silver, so that doesn't seem to be... Continue Reading →

Anticipated 2023 Romance Releases

We're wrapping up the first quarter of the year, so it seemed like the perfect time to look ahead to books I'm excited for later in 2023! There are some really awesome books on the way in the next several months, with new releases from some incredible authors. I don’t know about you, but my... Continue Reading →

COVER REVEAL: Wildfire by Hannah Grace

In case you missed it! Hannah Grace revealed the cover for her upcoming book, Wildfire, this week, and it is fabulous! I absolutely love the personality, and the blurb has me excited to dig in. Icebreaker has been such a huge hit over the last several months, and I'm interested in seeing more from the... Continue Reading →

Best of March 2023

As much as I struggled in March, I did end up reading some EXCELLENT books! There may have been more misses than usual, but the hits were really good. I loved the playboy and playgirl roommates romance, The No-Judgment Zone, which was another phenomenal read from new author Ellie K. Wilde. The sexual tension and... Continue Reading →

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