⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: The 14 Days of Christmas by Louise Bay

Just like a sexy Hallmark movie! This was a light, upbeat holiday read with a touch of steam and a laidback romance. It’s an interesting length – more than a novella, but it didn’t quite feel like a complete novel either. That’s the only place where it loses points for me – I keep expectations low when reading holiday novellas, but this was *almost* a full-length book, so I was disappointed by the lackluster ending. That being said, the rest of the book is pretty solid. We’ve got a grumpy/sunshine dynamic going on, plenty of holiday cheer, and a small town feel that keeps things fun and easy.

The story follows Sebastian, a broody businessman who returns home for the first time in years when his Granny is injured. She needs Sebastian to step in and help with the setup of a Christmas market, and he couldn’t be less interested in the project. Sebastian is not a fan of Christmas, and he certainly doesn’t want to be immersed in it for weeks. The only upside is a sweet, Christmas-loving woman who is also working on the market. Sebastian and Celia pair up to get the project finished, and chemistry sparks along the way. They’re total opposites, but Celia’s sunny side has Sebastian feeling a little brighter. He’s only in town for a few weeks, but Celia has Sebastian wanting more of this feeling.

I enjoyed this the whole way through (with the exception of the final act), but I wouldn’t say that I ever “loved” it. It flew by though, and was just what I was in the mood for. Things stay relatively light and carefree for much of the story, with a sweet, soft feel and a little bit of steam. I liked both characters and I liked them together. Their relationship is definitely better developed than other holiday romances I’ve read, though I think the ending is pretty lame. Can’t voice my complaints about it without offering up spoilers, so I’ll just say it was a novella-quality ending for a book that is twice the length of the last holiday novella I read. It’s similar to a Hallmark movie in that way – this is all about the buildup, the low angst feel, and the holiday fun. Which makes it a great read for Christmastime. I received an early copy and am voluntarily leaving a review of this light romance.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3m1oVo2


I hate Christmas.

As CEO of my company, I’ve banned decorations from the office, festive music from the lobby and any kind of secret Santa gifts between employees are strictly forbidden.

I’m heading to the airport, away from the Christmas lights and the mulled wine, heading for sunshine and margaritas when I get a call from Granny. She’s sprained her ankle and needs my help filling in for her as head of the village Christmas Committee. Snowsly is the Christmas Capital of England and the last place I want to be in the lead up to Christmas.

But there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Granny.

When I arrive in Snowsly, I’m introduced to Celia Sommers who is Christmas’ biggest fan and therefore my own personal nightmare before Christmas. Worse than that, I have to work with her to make Snowsly’s Christmas market a success.
Celia is determined to get me in the festive spirit. It’s not going to work.

It doesn’t matter if she’s smart and funny and easy to flirt with—if she doesn’t stop looking at me with her sparkling eyes and pouting her completely kissable lips, Celia is going straight to the top of my naughty list.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3m1oVo2

About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author, Louise Bay writes sexy, contemporary romance novels – the kind she likes to read. Each novel is stand-alone.

Ruined by bonk-busters and sexy mini-series of the eighties Louise loves all things romantic. There’s not enough of it in real life so she disappears into the fictional worlds in books and films.

Louise loves the rain, the West Wing, London, days when she doesn’t have to wear make-up, hanging out with her kid, being with friends, elephants and champagne.

Catch her and her baby daughter around London on IG stories @LouiseSbay

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