⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: The Bet by Max Monroe

I don't know about you, but a 36-year-old, commitment-phobic playboy who makes women doubt their self worth, doesn't stick around long enough to leave a phone number, never promises exclusivity, and has zero interest in developing an emotional connection... is not appealing to me. That's the biggest problem with this otherwise scorching hot romance. It's... Continue Reading →

Best of June 2021

June was a TOUGH reading month for me - but the books were great! COVID restrictions got lifted and suddenly it seemed like my weekends were filled with non-reading activities, work was crazy busy, the news was distracting, and it was just really difficult to find time to read. The beginning of the month went... Continue Reading →

Best of May 2021

May was actually an extremely disappointing month for new releases, which made the gems sparkle even brighter. There were so many books that I was eagerly anticipating, and many of them let me down. That paved the way for others to sneak in and take me by surprise - I absolutely wouldn't have guessed that... Continue Reading →

FEATURED FREEBIE: Beach Reads Boxset

What an AWESOME freebie! Eleven big-name authors just released a beachy boxset, and it's FREE for the next few days ONLY. The boxset includes 11 full-length books, and I think I've recommended like half of them in the past, lol!!! If that's all the info you need, go ahead and snatch up your copy at... Continue Reading →

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