20+ Romance Books with Illustrated Covers by Ink and Laurel

Do I judge books by their covers? Absolutely! How else am I going to know when to stop scrolling online? I’m the kind of mood reader who enjoys trying out tons of new-to-me authors, and covers are one way of narrowing down my options. And there’s a certain artist who has been catching my eye recently – Ink and Laurel. There are all different kinds of illustrated covers out there at the moment, but I love the ones that show personality and a hint at the vibe. These covers always do that! And maybe it’s because I’ve had such good luck with the stories inside these beautiful books, but I can’t seem to stop sampling from this list. In fact, all five of the books on this list that I’ve read have been 4 or 5-star reads, with at least two contenders for my Best of the Year list. So I’m gonna keep judging by the covers, lol.

This isn’t one of my traditional recommendation lists; I haven’t read all of these, but it’s a great place to look if you’re interested in checking out indie or debut authors. Several are also on the way soon, and the vast majority are available in Kindle Unlimited – so you can feel free to sample and explore. Go ahead and judge these romance novels by their covers; I’m certainly going to. I’ve included the blurbs and links to Amazon (and links to my reviews when available) for easy addition to your collection. Happy reading!

Not a Kindle Unlimited member yet? Check out the details at: https://amzn.to/330w9BR. I LOVE my Kindle Unlimited subscription, which makes picking out new books so easy. If you’re a voracious reader, then it will also save you a ton of money in the long run! Subscribers can borrow up to 20 books at a time, and there’s no limit on how many books you can borrow in a month. I read 20-30 books per month, so if I had to pay for each and every book, then the cost would add up quickly. Sure, utilizing your local library system will help, but then you’ll miss out on some of the best contemporary romance authors out there today.

Mixed Signals by B.K. Borison

Layla Dupree has given up on love.

She’s waded through all of the fish in the sea, each one more disappointing than the last. Apparently owning the bakery at Inglewild’s most romantic destination does not help one’s love life—despite her best efforts. All she wants is a partner who gives her butterflies, not someone who ghosts her at dinner and leaves her with the check.

Good thing Caleb Alvarez has the perfect solution.

After saving Layla from another date gone bad, he has a simple proposition: One month of no-strings dating. He’ll do his best to renew her faith in men while she rates his dating game. It’s a win-win situation. All the benefits of dating, without the added pressure of feelings and unmet expectations.

But there’s one ingredient they haven’t considered. The chemistry between them is red hot and the urge to take things to the next level is more tempting than Layla’s double fudge mocha brownies.

Will the heat between them boil over? Or will it be another case of mixed signals?

Mixed Signals is a sweet and steamy small-town romance. Our story features a bashful man who can rock a Hawaiian shirt, a hopeful and dreamy bakery owner, enough sweets to give you a cavity, and your favorite Inglewild residents. Mixed Signals is a standalone romance and the third book in the Lovelight series, a collection of interconnected novels.

Already read and loved! Read the 5-star review here

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3wVdhAq

I Can Fix That by Juliana Smith

June Hart is an affectionate and chatty first-grade teacher who comes from a family of money-hungry doctors. When June inherits her grandmother’s 1920’s farmhouse, she is compelled to remodel it, hoping to show her egotistical family she is capable of being more than an insubstantial teacher.

In the process, she finds herself spending a considerable amount of time with her hot and ill-tempered contractor, Grant Dawes.

Grant Dawes is a grouchy handyman who can seem to fix everything except his troubled past. His lack of family and friends leaves him to put all of his focus on restoring homes. That is until an eccentric and charismatic client pushes her way in to throw off his routines.

When he falls for his sweet-natured client, June Hart, Grant is forced to confront his complicated history to have a future with her.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3DwN9Qo

Coming October 29th!

Bloodstream by Emilee J Carter

For Faith Jensen, life has always happened one small miracle at a time.

After a job offer from the CEO of a motorsport championship — a job which she didn’t even apply for, her world is flipped upside down. Within weeks, she finds herself leaving her tiny London flat behind for an open-ended trip around the world with a multi-championship winning racing team.

As a social media influencer, Faith’s job is to share her life with the internet. That’s her normal. So when her new bosses ask her to do the same for their racing drivers, she figures it’s going to be easy as pie. Vlogs, captions and filters are all she knows.

However, Julien Moretz is the obstacle she never saw coming.

The Belgian God of racing hates social media, influencers and opening up. In that order. But for Jules, Faith is more than just an annoying coworker he’s desperate to avoid at all costs.

She’s a cruel gift from the universe, sent to destroy everything he’s spent ten years trying to protect himself from.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3QMAHih

Funny Feelings by Tarah DeWitt

When falling in love is the punchline…

Farley Jones is being forced to date Meyer Harrigan, the man she has come to love, in order to make all of her stand-up dreams come true.

It’s agony— a tragedy, even. In lieu of flowers, please send cash…

Meyer and his daughter Hazel have been everything to her since they came into her life three years ago. So, all joking aside, the stakes are especially high when it’s not only her career, but both of those relationships on the line.

A former stand-up star himself, Meyer has been vital to the trajectory of her career since he began managing her… Since he became her closest and most treasured friend, in the process.

This friendship is the only reason why, when the biggest opportunity of Farley’s career includes thrusting him back into the spotlight to stir up publicity, he agrees— in spite of his grumpiness, his protectiveness over Hazel, and his disdain for public attention.

It doesn’t take long for their act to bring all those other funny feelings out into the open, and, like most matters of the heart, it quickly begins to feel like anything but a joke.

Funny Feelings is a swoony story about friendship, love, and looking for the laugh in life. It touches on the creative spirit and all that comes with sharing that gift, and how oftentimes the comedians in our lives are the most sensitive, or struggling. It features two friends, one incredible little girl, and a kaleidoscope of feelings along the way.

Already read and loved! Read the 5-star review here

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3PPco40

An Unexpected Paradise by Chelsea Curto

Beautiful palm trees. Warm ocean water. Idyllic sunsets. Sounds like heaven, right?

Not when you’re head-strong Jo Bowen and forced to attend a work trip with your obnoxious-yet-attractive coworker, Jack Lancaster. How can she survive four days in the Florida Keys with the grouchy man she wants to throttle more often than not?

When her toxic ex-boyfriend arrives at the same conference, Jack doesn’t hesitate to jump in and act as her current love interest. Jo discovers there might be more to her infuriating nemesis than meets the eye. Maybe it’s the island air, or maybe it’s the time they spend together, but soon their mutual hatred morphs into attraction. How can it not when Jack looks at her like she’s the only woman in the world?

It’s easy to pretend they’re a happy couple in front of strangers. With the real world looming beyond their temporary paradise, Jack and Jo must confront their feelings and new opportunities. They will either find themselves on the path of happiness… or the path of destruction.

An Unexpected Paradise is a steamy romantic comedy featuring coworkers-to-lovers (with a hint of enemies-to-lovers sprinkled in), forced proximity, and fake dating. The cast includes a fiery, headstrong woman, a churlish yet thoughtful man and an awesome group of friends. You can expect laugh-out-loud banter, spicy moments, and a new swoon-worthy book boyfriend. It is a standalone novel.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3LjO1to

Coming October 25th!

The Co-op by Tarah DeWitt

They say love and construction don’t mix.
By that logic, hate and construction may as well be condemned.

LaRynn Lavigne and Deacon Leeds had one short and contentious summer fling when they were teens.

Certainly nothing to build a foundation on.

But a decade later, when their grandmothers have left them with shared ownership of their dilapidated Santa Cruz building, they’re thrust back together and have to figure out how to brace up the pieces.

LaRynn has the money, but to access her trust, she has to be married.
Deacon has the construction expertise, but lacks the funds.

A deal is struck: Marry for however long it takes to fix up the property, collect a profit, and cut ties.

Thrust into a home without walls, they quickly learn that it’s easy to hide behind emotional ones, even in a marriage. But, with all the exposure and pitfalls that come with living with the opposite sex (and none of the perks) they’ll also have to learn what it means to truly co-operate as a team.

The Co-op is a steamy story about restoration and renovation, and uncovering all the things that build character within ourselves. It’s about the never-ending construction project that partnership is, and finding enjoyment at every stage.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3S9W12h

Five Dates Between Friends by Erin Thomson

What’s the big deal about a few dates between friends?

Here’s the thing — Mack has been Chase’s best friend for half her life, and they’ve always been platonic with a capital P. He’s also her business partner, and without question the best person she’s ever met. And Chase? She’s a self confessed disaster; she works too much, considers curly fries a food group, and might have an unhealthy dependency on iced coffee and whiskey. Then there’s her relationship history, which leans more towards tragic backstory than happily ever after.

An unexpected kiss turns their friendship—and Chase’s world—on its head. She’s pretty sure crossing that particular line was a mistake, but saying no to Mack has never been easy. So when he asks for one date, to show her what they could be, Chase agrees. She tells herself, and him, that it will only be one. One date and they go back to friends and pretend the whole unfortunate incident never happened. She won’t be agreeing to a second, or a third and definitely not five.

Because five dates with your best friend can only be a bad idea… right?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3qNEfGB

Coming November 1st!

Midnight, Repeated by Dani McLean

She’s about to have the night of her life. Over and over again.

At twenty-five, Lauree Miller knows what she should want — a serious job, a serious boyfriend, the ability to cook a meal that doesn’t involve two types of cheese.

Who cares if it isn’t the future she had in mind for herself? It’s about time she stopped pining over her best friend’s brother, Max, anyway.

New Year’s Eve is a time for resolutions, and as the clock ticks closer to midnight, Lauree makes a decision – next year, she’s going to let go of the past and finally grow up.

Except when she wakes, it’s still December 31st. Then it happens again. And again. And again.

What’s a girl trapped in a time loop to do?

Will kissing the right man at midnight set her free?

Midnight, Repeated is a steamy contemporary romance from the Movie Magic Novella series. Each book is a standalone and can be enjoyed out of order.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Ue9qbw

Accidentally Amy by Lynn Painter


Isabella Shay is usually a very honest person. But when she’s running late for her first day at a dream job and the barista yells for “Amy” 3x with no answer, she does the unthinkable.

Izzy takes that PSL.

It’s the exact drink she ordered and paid for, only waaaay further ahead in the line, so she mutters “I’m Amy” and grabs the cup. But when she turns around and runs directly into the most attractive man she’s ever seen, spilling the drink all over his GQ shirt and tie, she ends up having the ultimate meet-cute. Sparks fly and things feel beyond promising until he says the words, “See you tomorrow, Amy.”

Uh, oh – she’ll definitely have to straighten him out the following day.

Only when she gets to her new office and meets the VP of her department, it is none other than Blake Phillips – the hottie from Starbucks. And the man might’ve been charming to “Amy,” but he is an arrogant grump to Izzy, an arrogant grump who dos not find her explanation funny at all.


Already read and enjoyed! Read the 4-star review here

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3ScoJ2r

Coming November 18th!

Just Between Us by Madison Wright

Ellie Bates is in big trouble.

When her parents, the owners of the apartment complex she manages, tell her she’s on her last strike, Ellie knows she can’t break any more rules or risk getting fired. She needs to tread very, very carefully or chance falling straight through this thin ice beneath her feet.

That’s easier said than done when Camden Lane moves into her complex and starts flipping her world upside down. But dating residents is off-limits and getting close to him is a rule she’s not willing to break.

Camden Lane can’t get Ellie out of his head.

He may be in town for work, but it’s Ellie that his focus keeps drifting toward. Between his impending departure date and her parent’s rules, he knows nothing can happen. Except, the more time they spend together, the harder and harder it gets to resist the pull they feel toward each other. 

When the lines between them start to blur, Camden and Ellie have to decide where their priorities lie. Is what they have worth what’s at stake?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3UgIPdV

In the Weeds by B.K. Borison

Evelyn St. James isn’t the kind of woman you forget.

Beckett Porter certainly hasn’t. One incredible weekend in Maine, and he’s officially a man distracted. He’s not unfamiliar with hot and heavy flings. He knows how it goes. But Evie wove some sort of magic over him during their tumble in the sheets. He can’t stop thinking about her laugh. Her hand pressed flat against his chest. Her smiling mouth at his neck.

Also, her eyes. And her legs.

So when she suddenly appears on his farm as part of a social media contest, he is … confused. He had no idea that the sweet and sexy woman he met at a bar is actually a global phenomenon: social media influencer Evelyn St. James. When she disappears again, Beckett resolves to finally forget her and move on.

But Evelyn St. James has a problem.

Feeling disconnected from her work and increasingly unhappy, she’s trying to find her way back to something real. She returns to the last place she was happy, Lovelight Farms and the tiny town of Inglewild.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the hot farmer she spent two incredible nights with.

Nothing at all.

In The Weeds is a sweet and steamy second-chance romance about finding your happiness. It features a grumpy farmer, a no-nonsense social media influencer, a small town of busybodies, and four very cute kittens. This is the second book in a series of interconnected standalones following the three Lovelight owners.

Already read and loved! Read the 5-star audiobook review here

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3KsSYQi

For the Boys by Amanda Chaperon

Berkley Daniels is a no one special. Sure, she’s going to be a kick ass lawyer soon, but otherwise she’s your average 20-something. Since she started law school, the promise of her career has sustained her, no man necessary. She has great friends, a family that adores her, and a love of Detroit Warriors hockey.

Brent Jean is a professional hockey player for the Warriors. He’s young, single, and living a charmed lifestyle. He has everything he could ever want and yet, something is missing. He’s ready to settle down, and when he first lays eyes on Berkley, he can’t help feeling she could be the one.

Too bad she won’t give him the time of day.

When he finally gets her attention, she’s less than impressed. But she doesn’t say no when he asks her out.

Things between them heat up quickly, but dating a hockey player isn’t always smooth skating, and both of them have some serious emotional baggage. Will they be able to find a way to work through those hang ups to save their relationship, or will they lose each other forever?

CONTENT WARNINGS: This book contains strong language and explicit sexual content. There is also attempted sexual assault, a date rape drug situation, and minor violence. Readers please be advised.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3RPuWlq

Coming September 27th!

Bewitched by You by Kendra Mase

Luella Pierce is having a mid-witch crisis.

Her best friend is top of her class and currently on a fast track to land her dream job. Her coven members have all found their passions in life and are excited to start their next chapter. Even her arch nemesis and Barnett University’s star football player, Ryan Gardner, has future plans. Sure, they’re to become a permanent nuisance in her life, but still. Everyone else seems to have life figured out except her.

Lu’s big plans? Procrastinating the future by throwing all her energy into creating the most fantastic Samhain–Halloween–celebration BU has ever seen. That is, if she can convince the student council she won’t perform any satanic rituals.

Cue the eye roll.

But when Ryan sustains a career-ending injury and Lu receives an offer from her sweet yet meddling coven matriarch that causes her to rethink everything, Lu also begins to question if the strongest magic may be taking a chance on love.

And herself.

Bewitched By You is a standalone new adult contemporary romance featuring a handsome, people pleasing football player and a quirky yet disheveled modern day witch finding home in a small college town. Perfect for readers who can’t resist the charm of Practical Magic or the sweet swoons of a romantic comedy with an emotional happily ever after.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3xvL6rW

Need S’More Time by Nellie Wilson

June Lehrer needs to shut off her brain for a week to make a huge decision. Having taught middle school through a global pandemic, she is reconsidering the career she spent years working towards just in time to accompany 150 students to their annual retreat at Camp Peek-n-See. The last thing she needs is to make out with the new camp director Colin on the first night of camp, but when have the last three years ever gone according to plan?

Tucked away in the aspens, June and Colin find a connection that neither of them expected to burn as bright as it does. But camp is just for five days, and the real world is waiting down the mountain…

Featuring camp fires, a large grey cat, good coffee, and a healthy bit of steam, this story is about chasing what feels right and figuring out your path, even when it feels inconvenient and overwhelming.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3UgnIs2

Coming October 4th!

The Paris Syndrome by Elliot Fletcher

Roselyn hates Paris. She hates Julien Bonnet so much more.

Lookout world, Roselyn White is getting her life together. The plan is simple: run away to Paris; finish her novel before she’s dropped by her publisher; spend some much needed girl time with her best friend. It doesn’t matter that she hates Paris; the scene of her first and most painful heartbreak. At least it didn’t until said heartbreaker starts coming around, bringing her flowers and— apologising?

Julien makes one thing very clear, he wants another chance. But Rosie isn’t a teenager anymore, she’s a grown woman with a failed marriage under her belt. She knows better than to fall for pretty words from an even prettier face. Then after only a few encounters with Julien, she starts to feel inspired. What if the one man she was never able to forget turned out to be her muse? Julien Bonnet is not a man who makes the same mistake twice. He remembers the exact moment he lost it all, and he’s spent ten years hating himself for it. Does he want to make amends? Of course. But another chance with her heart? Absolutely. And this time he wants forever.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Dwf0QB

Lovelight Farms by B.K. Borison

Where the lovelight gleams … 

A pasture of dead trees. A hostile takeover of the Santa barn by a family of raccoons. And shipments that have mysteriously gone missing. Lovelight Farms is not the magical winter wonderland of Stella Bloom’s dreams.

In an effort to save the Christmas tree farm she’s loved since she was a kid, she enters a contest with instafamous influencer Evelyn St. James. With the added publicity and the $100,000 cash prize, she might just be able to save the farm from its financial woes. There’s just one problem. To make the farm seem like a romantic destination for the holidays, she lied on the application and said she owns Lovelight Farms with her boyfriend. Only … there is no boyfriend.

Enter best friend Luka Peters. He just came home for some hot chocolate, and somehow got a farm and a serious girlfriend in the process.

Lovelight Farms is a romantic comedy featuring a handsome, freckled data analyst, a messy, optimistic Christmas tree farm owner, and a small town with the best hazelnut lattes on the east coast. This sweet and steamy romance is a holiday happily ever after.

It is the first book in a series of interconnected standalones following the three Lovelight owners.

Already read and enjoyed! Read the 4-star audiobook review here

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3wA5oA3

Coming October 11th!

The Companion Project by Chelsea Curto

WANTED: One very fake date to a very real event.

Henry Dawson is many things—successful, charismatic, good-looking… and, most recently, a liar. A stupid fib to his parents about bringing a date to their anniversary party is causing him to scramble, attempting to fix his mistake.

Emma Burns lives a double life. By day, she’s a Civil Rights attorney. By night, she’s the mastermind behind RB’s Companions. When hired, she platonically accompanies men to social events, whether it’s as a girlfriend, friend or business associate. She does her job well.

After receiving an inquiry from a desperate new client, she agrees to be his girlfriend. What she doesn’t account for is the mystery man to be Henry, the notorious playboy, fellow lawyer and coworker she’s known for years. Communicating under aliases to protect their identities, the pair find themselves captivated by one another, and are shocked when they finally meet face-to-face.

The two might be experts in the courtroom, but they’re hardly professionals when it comes to matters of the heart. Pretending to date is easy. When the lines between real and fake blur, getting what they want becomes way more complicated.

The Companion Project is steamy romantic comedy featuring coworkers-to-lovers, forced proximity and fake dating. Told through dialogue, emails and text message conversations, you can expect plenty of banter, very spicy scenes, an unstoppable woman and a man willing to change for the person he adores. It is a standalone novel.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Se69XJ

Coffee & the Contingency Plan by Jessica Costello

She’s got her whole life planned out, but she never saw him coming.

Valerie Boyd is ready to graduate. She’s spent the past three years, nose buried in her books, preparing for it. After she tosses that cap in the air, she’ll be on a plane headed anywhere but here–leaving the pain of her past behind.

When she drops into a seat next to her high school crush, Brody Ryan, on the first day of classes, the simple school year she’d envisioned starts looking pretty complicated.

Brody Ryan is the guy in the friend group everyone trusts for a good time. His senior year has snuck up on him, and with his father breathing down his neck about his future, he knows he needs to get it together. The problem is, he hasn’t got a clue where to start.

When they’re paired together for a school project, Val and Brody can’t agree on much besides their favorite coffee shop. But as they bicker over everything else, they also find themselves battling a mutual attraction. As Val grapples with the reasoning behind her future plans, Brody wonders how he could persuade her to make him a part of them.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3R5svdn

You & I, Rewritten by Chip Pons

Not to jinx it or anything, but the stars seem to finally be aligning for Will Cowen. After accepting a dream promotion at one of New York City’s most renowned publishing houses and moving in with his oldest friend, he’s ready to dive headfirst into this new chapter and take the literary world by storm – that is, until he crosses paths with Graham Austin.

No matter how hard he tries, he can’t help but put the wrong foot forward in front of the all-business and inconveniently gorgeous heir to the publishing empire.

So, when a heartbreakingly beautiful manuscript lands on his desk, Will seizes the opportunity for a win. Could this prized new author be his big break or, his downfall?

Will’s confidence and hope for his professional future is obliterated when the author ghosts him at an important publishing event. Fueled by insecurity and an open bar, he finds himself in need of comfort, which comes from the least likely person, the normally cold and distant Graham. This small glimpse behind Graham’s icy exterior is the spark that sweeps these two up in an epic and unforeseen romance.

As his author’s manuscript begins to take shape, the words that initially brought them together become more and more tangled, making it painfully obvious to Will that despite your best efforts, there is truly no hiding from the past.

But can it be rewritten?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3qIYNQi

Coming December 9th!

On the Line by Amanda Chaperon

Two years ago, professional hockey player Mitch Frambough and headhunter Lexie Monroe met on a late-October night and sparks flew. They fell hard for each other, and everyone thought they were endgame.

But now they’re not together.

In fact, they don’t even live in the same state.

When Mitch was traded from the Warriors to the Los Angeles Knights, his entire life changed with one phone call. His relationship with Lexie was in ruins, and the only way he could prevent further heartbreak was to leave Michigan without a backwards glance. Except, when his life is once again upended in a split second, he finds himself back in the Mitten. Surprisingly, everyone welcomes him home with open arms. Everyone except the one person he desperately wants: Lexie.

Lexie has never believed in love, and for good reason. The one time she gave it a shot—her relationship with Mitch—it ended in disaster. Now she’s washed her hands of the whole thing: love, relationships, him. Having him clear across the country helped. But when he returns to Detroit, everyone in her life is begging her to give him another chance. The only problem is Mitch doesn’t seem interested. Plus, she’d be stupid to let him close enough to break her again.

Call it karma or the gods or fate, but something has drawn these two back together. And now it’s time for them to choose: either they put their hearts on the line again, or they walk away for good this time.

After all, how often does love get a second chance?

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3BMeZGP

Rootbound by Tarah DeWitt

You really can’t go home again.

Tait Logan is proud of the life she’s built for herself. Despite her world-shattering divorce, the absence of a pet, not having any genuine connections with other humans (apart from her sister Ava), and the fact that the remainder of her family is estranged from her life, she’s happy…Happy-adjacent, at least. She’s rebuilt herself through her photography; her dream career, the one thing she does still have.
So, when that career contracts her to do an assignment on her estranged family’s home, Logan Range – a now famous ranch functioning as the setting for a popular show – she’s left with no choice but to agree.

Thus, Tait is bound, on a reluctant course back to her roots, and to the family she feels abandoned by… to the family that, seemingly, has had no interest in a relationship with her since her parents’ divorce, when she was seven.

Henry Marcum has dedicated his life to the Logan family and to their ranch. He owes them for raising him, rescuing him, and for his life’s purpose and opportunities… He also owes them for every hardship he’s inadvertently brought their way. So, when Tait Logan shows up after 20 years of near total silence, he takes it upon himself to protect the people he knows and loves.

It’s a rocky start when Tait and Henry first collide; he is naturally wary of her intentions, and she is more than perturbed by their literal collision – which results in her broken camera, during her first night on location, no less.

There’s no shortage of shaky ground here in the mountains and valleys of Idaho. They’re thrown off balance time and time again by their growing feelings for one another, and by the story of the Logan family as it becomes increasingly less clear from their perspectives. As they confront the past, theirs naturally get brought to the foray. They’ll have to weigh their feelings against their experiences of heartbreak, and decide if the potential for disaster is worth the risk that accompanies love.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3RUCuDm

Coming January 17th!

Speechless by Lindsey Lanza

When life’s off-key, go to Malibu

Bestselling author Lucy Gold may write fairy tales for a living, but her own happily ever after is looking bleak. Seeking a fresh start after a sudden divorce on the eve of her thirtieth birthday, she decides to make a new life for herself and her service dog in Los Angeles. But when her living arrangements fall through just before takeoff, a handsome stranger offers to let her stay with him and his motley crew of musicians in Malibu. Her gallant hero? None other than Henry Turner, the award-winning composer whose music has held Lucy together while her life’s been crumbling apart.

Henry might be at the peak of his creative career, but his crippling anxiety throws his personal life completely out of tune. Yet all of that changes the longer Lucy stays with him and his housemates, swiftly becoming one of their own and offering Henry a glimpse of happiness he never thought possible. As their relationship deepens, Lucy’s attraction to Henry cannot be denied, but as she works through the aftermath of her divorce, she’s resigned to give up on love. Henry plays all the right notes and says all the right words. Will Lucy be able to hear them over her fear of the past repeating itself?

Speechless is a swoony saga about finding your people, overcoming your deepest insecurities, and choosing happiness no matter what life throws at you.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3BOkLrN

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