⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ REVIEW: Crazy to Love You by J. Saman

Crazy to Love You is the followup to one of my FAVORITE love stories of 2020. It easily reads as a standalone, but will have a lot more impact if you’ve read the Wild Minds duet. Check out my reviews of those books here.

Just rip my heart out already, why don’t you? If you’d asked me early on in the Wild Minds duet, I would’ve told you that I didn’t want Gus’ story. I don’t like cheaters, I don’t want to read about cheaters, and his actions were the catalyst for that whole story. But there’s so much more to it than that. Gus has had time to process his actions, realize exactly what he missed out on, and now knows with certainty that he never wants to feel that way again. So now that Gus is finally ready to move on from that relationship and open his heart up again, it makes him a completely different man.

This story is the kind that will have you immersed from the first page, caught up in the serious chemistry between these characters and wanting to peel back the layers some more. Both our hero and heroine have gone through so much to make them the people they are today (definitely some triggers in their history). This love story is all about finding the right person at the right time in your life. Gus and Naomi connect because their jagged edges fit together, and the story is emotional, intense, sexy, engrossing – while still having plenty of lightness in between. Saman seamlessly transitioned this antihero into a hero in his own right, and he’s actually one of the best I’ve read in a long, long time.

Essentially, the story follows Gus as he gets over the former love of his life. She’s found happiness and now it’s his turn to move on. While reading the Wild Minds duet prior to this is in no way necessary, it will greatly enhance the reading experience. There, we’re introduced to Gus and the complexities of his character, which gives this book so much more depth. Add in a beautifully broken heroine, and these two musicians make for an incredible pairing. As they work on a duet that begins the healing process for them both, Gus and Naomi fight their attraction while falling deeper each day.

It’s devourable, engaging, and the perfect followup to one of the best love stories I’ve read all year. I had incredibly high expectations for this and it did not disappoint – Saman never does. Those who have come to know Gus throughout the series will love to see his redemption, and it makes this romance that much more fulfilling. This author has such a way with building intimacy, and that’s the focus here, showcasing the connection between these two. In case you couldn’t tell, I loved it. I cannot wait to read more from the series and see what trouble Gus’ bandmates get into when they fall themselves.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3069Ypu


I am meeting this woman for one reason and one reason only. And that officially makes her off-limits.

I want the one woman I cannot have. Again.
The second I lay eyes on Naomi Kent, I know I want her. 
And not just for my duet, though her voice is so strikingly beautiful, it can make angels weep. 
It’s her mind, her passion, her perfect curvy body. Everything about her sets my blood on fire.
But here’s the thing… I need her to get this song produced. 
She needs me to help her regain the life she lost. 
So, any chance at an us… Well, that’s a no-go, right? 

I don’t want anything Gus Diamond has to offer me.
And that includes his gorgeous face and sexy-as-all-sin body. Well, maybe I do want those. 
But this duet? Nope. Not a chance. 
I gave up this life when my world shattered and my broken pieces were stomped all over in a very public way. So you can understand why the last thing I want is to relive all that. 
But Gus has this way about him. 
And before I know what’s happening, I’m saying yes to things I know better than to say yes to. 
Including him. 
That is until my past decides to make an unexpected return. With one hell of an entrance. 

CRAZY TO LOVE YOU is a sexy, fun, and emotional forbidden romance with all the feels! It can be read as a standalone

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3069Ypu

Haven’t read the duet that precedes this yet? Grab it today!

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Or purchase on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3i4cwKO

A rare moment of weakness. A burning desire impossible to deny. Forbidden words I should never have spoken…

Seven years ago, I confessed my darkest secret to my brother’s girlfriend.
When she broke up with him and walked out of our lives, she took my secret with her.
But, with my band set to go on tour around the world, I have a problem. I need a nanny for my autistic daughter. And unfortunately, Viola Starr, my brother’s ex, is the perfect fit.
Now, there is no escaping her. Or our past. 
Especially when my brother seems determined to win her back.
Five months and she’ll be out of my life again.
Five months of ignoring lingering, heated glances. 
The fire she draws out of me. The way she loves my daughter.
Five months… And my world is about to come crashing down around me.

Part one of this single dad, enemies-to-lovers, rockstar duet is filled with undeniable chemistry, delicious banter, an adorable little girl, and steamy HOT sexy times that will have you fanning your face.

Duet Reading Order
Love to Hate Her (#1)
Hate to Love Him (#2)


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