⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: Shenanigans by Sarina Bowen 🎧

He’s a hot billionaire hockey player AND super sweet? Too good to be true! I found myself really loving the hero at the heart of this Vegas wedding romance. While our heroine struggles with self-doubt and a lack of trust, this hero rises to the occasion and shows that he’s worth fighting for. I’m still pretty new to this series of interconnected standalones and I thought Bombshells was disappointing, so I went into this with low expectations – and was definitely pleasantly surprised. I loved how these two start as reluctant friends before transitioning into more, and I loved how steadfast our hero is. Neither one wanted this marriage (sober, anyways), but they make it work and grow along the way. It’s a slow burn to SIZZLE romance with some great heat in the back half, and I had no trouble enjoying this from start to finish.

The story follows Neil and Charli, two professional hockey players who get hitched in Vegas. Drunkenly, very drunkenly. Their relationship started off a little rocky, and adding rings to the mix has only made things exceedingly more complicated. Neil is not just a pro hockey player, he also comes from a very wealthy family – and they didn’t exactly plan ahead and get a prenup. That causes plenty of trouble for the reluctant couple, especially since Charli’s past makes her wary of the wealthy. Neither one is enthusiastic about the marriage, but they agree to present a united front against Neil’s family… and soon find themselves falling. But starting a relationship when the divorce papers are already drawn up means this couple is likely to stumble along the way.

This had light and sexy vibes throughout, with just enough angst to keep things interesting. Neil never considered Charli a romantic option before their night in Vegas – she said she doesn’t date guys – but Charli already had her guard up against the charming player. She’s the kind of heroine who fights her feelings the whole way through, and it probably would’ve been too much if Neil hadn’t been such a great guy. I loved how determined he was to make things work, and he was a steady rock perfectly complementing Charli’s stormy nature. They certainly had chemistry, and the first steamy scene cemented that connection (and it was super sexy). This was a low 5/solid 4-star read for me the whole way though, with only some uneven pacing towards the end threatening that rating. Overall, a very solid read, and it’s got me excited for more from the author. I received an early copy and am voluntarily leaving a review of this Vegas wedding romance.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3LE6ZdY

Audio Note:

The audio was EXCELLENT! Probably one of the things that made this so bingeable for me, honestly. It’s got two of my favorite narrators – Jason Clarke and Vanessa Edwin – whose vocal performances made this an enjoyable, easy listen. It’s dual narration, and both of them are great at what they do. Clarke’s gravelly voice gets me every time, and Edwin infuses plenty of emotion into her work as well. The story lends itself perfectly to a workday listen – the slow burn means there’s not a lot of heat in the first half, and the overall vibe is easygoing enough to keep things light. There are a few steamy scenes in the back half, but it’s definitely not the main focus of the story. The runtime is a little over 10 hours, so if you speed things up then you’ll have no trouble finishing it in a day. Overall, this is an ideal audio experience; only duet narration could’ve been better.

Audiobook: https://amzn.to/3Kk8ZGR


What I meant to do in Vegas: Let my hair down for once and celebrate winning a medal at my first women’s hockey all-stars competition.

What I actually did: Got senior prom drunk and woke up married to Brooklyn’s star winger, the great Neil Drake. 

He’s the heir to a billion dollars, and I barely survived my childhood. Our friendship is based strictly only on hockey, takeout food and smack talk. 

And now holy matrimony. Although we both know it can’t last, especially once his evil family gets wind of our Vegas shenanigans… 

Contains: Meddling teammates, meddling parents, ugly jewelry and a pretend-kiss that nearly sets the world on fire.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3LE6ZdY

About the Author:

Sarina Bowen’s contemporary and LGBT romance novels have hit the USA Today bestsellers list over a dozen times. Formerly a Wall Street derivatives trader, Sarina holds a BA in economics from Yale University. She lives in New Hampshire with her family, nine chickens, and far too much hockey gear.

She would be honored to connect with you at http://www.sarinabowen.com

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